Marine Ecology Term Paper

Paper on Marine Ecology:

Marine ecology is a complex of efforts that are taken to improve the ecological condition of lakes, seas and oceans and to save animals, fish and birds that live there. Nowadays it is obvious that the quality of water resources all over the world is extremely low because of pollution and unreasonable use of water for human needs. The absolute number of rivers, lakes, seas and oceans is seriously polluted and it is practically impossible for animals and fish to live there. Modern ecologists care about the condition of marine life and many efforts are taken to improve this situation constructively.

The harmful effect of human activity is reflected on the condition of water and marine life. There are areas where fish and water mammals can not survive, as the water is contaminated.

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Naturally, the problem of pollution is not the single one that affects marine ecology badly, because uncontrolled hunting and fishing are also big problems that require rapid solutions.

Everybody knows that numerous species of whales, dolphins, seals, fish, etc. are on the verge of extinction, because fishermen and hunters do not care about marine life thinking about their personal profit. Marine ecology is not just the protection of fish and animals from extinction, but it is the care about human health, because marine life and human life are interconnected. People consume fish and animals and it is obvious that the quality of this food affects human health seriously. If the fish is contaminated, it will cause harm to human health, so the humanity should think about the solution of the existing problems of marine ecology and work hard to improve the ecological condition of seas and oceans.

Marine ecology is a problem that requires rapid and effective solutions, because if the humanity wants to survive, it should live in harmony with nature. If a student wants to prepare a good term paper about marine ecology, he will have to read about this topic a lot and study it from all sides. It is wise to explain the meaning of marine ecology, mention its main problems and invent the most effective methods of improvement of the condition of marine ecology. Students will need to prepare a logical and informative assignment if they want to impress their teacher and receive the highest scores.

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