Term Paper on Hunting

Term Paper:

Hunting is the activity and for some people – entertainment which is characterized with killing and trapping animals and birds. Hunting is probably one of the oldest activities practised by the human being, because before people mastered agriculture and farming they had to find food killing wild animals of different kinds.

Of course, at that time hunting was very dangerous and difficult practice, because there was no weapon which could help one kill a big and powerful animal. So, in prehistoric times, hunting was a group or tribal activity. Nowadays, the situation is completely different, because hunting is most often practised for the amusement but not for obtaining food. The majority of hunters do not care of the bird’s or animal’s meat but just enjoy the process of chasing and trapping or killing the target. It does not worth mentioning that hunting is a very controversial problem, as there are many opponents against this sport or kind of entertainment.

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There are many ecological and ethical arguments which prove that hunting is a negative and even immoral action, because it reduces the biodiversity on the planet (the majority of the extinct animals disappeared just because of hunting); makes animals live in constant stress, pollutes the environment with powder and bullets; it influences evolutional processes negatively (big and strong representatives of animals are killed and weak and little remain), etc. From the ethical point of view one can not kill animals for fun; one must not trap animals with the help of the violent methods which cause harm to the animal’s health and psychics; hunting supports violence, anger, hypocrisy, etc.

Many animals are killed because they believe that the hunter will not cause harm to them.

Hunting is the practice, sport and entertainment based on killing and trapping of animals. The student is able to observe this controversial topic from all sides trying to be as objective as possible analyzing the cause and effect of hunting, the impact of this practice on animals, environment, biodiversity, etc. It is important to think about the attitude towards hunting in different countries, cultures, religions and decide what can be done to reduce the rates of hunting in the world and create a constructive solution to this shameful problem.

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