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Dear Sir,

I am writing to appeal my current dismissal status at Fuller Theological Seminary. I was not just surprised about that decision, but I was upset and empathetic to myself considering my situation and the struggles I have undergone to reach where I am today. In this regard, I am humbly requesting you to consider the decision and reinstate me to complete the course.

With sincerer honesty, I admit that I have committed one of the greatest mistakes as far as academic is concerned. This has not just ruined my reputation as one of the trusted leaders in the ministry of youth but has also raised several questions about my ethics. As such, even without dismissal case, i am negatively affected psychologically, professionally, and religiously.

Notably, I am not a native speaker, and this is what has contributed to plagiarism. I have been struggling for a period of time, and the urge to pass has been my mission. However, I have realized that it a sin not only before Fuller Theological Seminary but also in front of God to gain success through ill-motives. This experience has taught me a bitter lesson, and I swear to God that it will never happen whether or not I am reinstated. Therefore, to realize my dream, I am kindly requesting you to give me only one chance.

As a matter of fact, I struggled to get admitted at Fuller Theological Seminary. I had to get loans in order to get admitted since I was financially unable. I have also struggled to manage 104 out of 144 units. This journey has not been an easy one; therefore, I am certain that if I am dismissed, these efforts will amount to nothing and my dream shall be shuttered.

Kindly understand my situation and reconsider your decision to reinstate me to complete my studies. Really, I am a good scholar who has learned about his mistake and would want to reach his dreams. I hope you will grant me a second chance to continue. Thank you for considering this appeal.


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