Education and social changes – Term Paper

Wake up my daughter; don`t you have class today? he whispered in my ears early in the morning; Hello father, we do not have classes on Sundays: I replied enthusiastically. Later in the evening, my father told me great words that I won`t ever forget: Listen to me my child; I didn`t earn any education`s degree; I don`t even know how to write my name; I was trained to be a farmer since my childhood but I surely know one gold secret for positive change and success that our village is expecting; get totally involved into your studies and you will discover that hidden secret in you through education; if your school exclude Sundays` classes, include them into your own improvement. I finally discovered that education is the most powerful key of development that each society needs.

In 1970s, our former president Michel Micombero introduced ethnical conflicts by prioritizing the eradication of all educated people because he knew that they might be the ones who could take his place a certain day and judge him for all his exactions committed. My grandfather was among the Micombero`s soldiers who killed those educated people; he regretted those evil deeds his entire life. Before his dead, he told to my father these words of farewell: Don`t ever repeat my mistakes son; the only thing that will save our country from tyranny is education; I didn`t raise you properly, I should`ve been a good father for you but promise that you will make sure that my grandchildren taste the savor of education forevermore.

Nowadays, what I see in my society is awaked souls and I am one of them; I am a proof of what the positive power of education can do because of the savor of it that my father helped me to taste. I might be plowing the fields listening to the tyrants` songs encouraging us to kill each other; I might be among the oppressors` shoulders who want conflicts and troubles as paths of their own interest; I might be another hand plunged in the blood of ethnic conflicts; I might be another uneducated citizen who believes that the law of the strongest is always the best; I might be another more ignorant.

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For now, we, the youth tasting the savor of education have changed our mentality; we aim to empower our skills and abilities so that to create innovative projects which will contribute in the eradication of poverty. We don`t longer think like our ancestors who used to believe that any conflict must be resolved through fights; we have learned that we are the rock of positive change and integrity, that any idea withdrawn from education will always ensure the sustainability of development in any field; we have been taught that no one will make positive change in our societies except ourselves.

Ask me now if education is an instrument for social change; I would state firmly that it is more than an instrument; it`s the most powerful key of enlightenment that each society needs for great achievements. I used to question my father about the meaning of Nelson Mandela`s quote: Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world; I didn`t know that one day I will be the author of such statements about education. The empowerment of education is the empowerment of the youth; and we, the youths are the future leaders that our societies are waiting for amazing impacts that our knowledge, skills and abilities acquired and improved will make.