Term Paper on History of Agriculture

of Agriculture Term Paper:

Agriculture is the use of the plants and animals for various purposes of human activity. Evidently, the main use of the domesticated animals and some sorts of plants is food. With the development of the human society the role of agriculture has become extremely big. More than 10000 years ago people domesticated first animals and later started to cultivate various sorts of plants. The first civilizations which started to cultivate plants intensively and developed this technique were Egyptian, Asian and Indian civilizations. Due to the proper supply of water and the required micro-elements found in soil, agriculture of these civilizations played the most important role for people, while other people in the world still continued gathering plants, like berries growing in the wild.

The ancient Roman civilization improved the agricultural technique of the Sumerians and brought it to the high level. The Romans cultivated plants not just for food but for export. They traded with different civilizations in the world exchanging the production to the things they required. The Romans used had quite a varied form of agriculture management. First of all there was the work of the owner of a farm and the members of his family; then, the labor of slaves was extremely popular and important for the empire; and finally, tenants employed workers to cultivate their fields and look after the cattle.

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In Medieval Europe the system of the three field system was invented which is still widely used in many countries. The system is quite useful, because it prevents soil from exhaustion. With the run of time the agriculture has been seriously improved and many techniques which stimulate the growth of plants have been introduced.

The topic of the history of agriculture is quite important for the experts in this sphere, so a successful term paper on this topic should be well-analyzed and logically explained. One should study the chronological order of the achievements of the different civilizations in the field of agriculture and explain their importance and compare to other regions and areas of the world of the same historical period. It can help compare the development of different parts of the world in this sphere and draw wise conclusions. In the end it is possible to present the current problems and achievements of agriculture and make certain predictions concerning its further development.

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