Branches of Agriculture Term Paper

Paper on Branches of Agriculture:

Agriculture is the type of cultivation of plants, domestic animals, fish, fungi and other organisms with the purpose to receive food, leather and other useful materials and qualities from them.

Agriculture is one of the oldest kinds of human activity, no wonder there are so many branches of it which have appeared with the run of time. Agriculture is divided into two great branches: agronomy and animal husbandry. Agronomy is the type of agriculture which studies and grows plants for various purposes (food and industry). Organic gardening and organic farming are the branches of agronomy and are characterized as the sciences of growing fruit and vegetables without the use of pesticides, chemicals and concentration on the natural growing of ‘healthy’ products. Animal husbandry is divided into the enormous number of branches which breed and raise various kinds of animals for different purposes.

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For example, there is dairy farming, that is the activity which is concentrated on the production and processing of milk in order to produce various milk products (cheese). Aquaculture is the raising of fish and other organisms which live in the water in the special water farms. Then, there is pig, poultry farming, sheep husbandry, which focus on breeding and rising of these domestic animals to achieve meat, leather and other products from them. There is also a very important and interesting branch of agriculture, called sericulture or the raising of silk worms in order to achieve silk.

Agriculture is a rich and diverse science which has a great number of branches which differ according to the type and method of farming or cultivation. When there is an assignment to prepare branches of agriculture term paper, a student should try to read a lot to improve his knowledge on agriculture itself, its history and methodology and then analyze its branches. A student should be ready to create a logical and strict structure to organize all the branches in the correct order, because their number is very high. The term paper is supposed to be informative, interesting and contain only high-quality up-to-date data. One should define the advantages and disadvantages of the branches of agriculture and illustrate their value for the humanity.

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