Education is the best tool to bring a revolution in the society – Term Paper

Education is something which is probably easy to achieve for a major part of the world but it is still a dream hidden somewhere inside the eyes of millions of people. They dream of education because they know that education is a key to open the door of a new world for them. Education is not about reading some books only, it provides us a new pair of eyes to see the world from a different perspective. It is that weapon which protects us against fake beliefs and orthodox thinkings because an educated mind has power to think by himself and to differentiate between truth and rumour. Education is getting that knowledge which enables us to think beyond the boundaries of caste, country, gender, religion, language or race.

Educated people are the building blocks of a strong and fast developing nation whereas uneducated people create holes in it. Education may have not brought any considerable change in western societies but it has brought a revolution in the societies of Indian subcontinent. The increase in education facilities and literacy rates in past few decades has saved a large population from the clutches of forged rites and rituals. It has weakened the roots of various malpractices prevalent in our society from centuries. Sati system, purdah system, child marriage, dowry and many other malpractices are at the verge of extinction thanks to spread of education. It has a great role in changing the virtues of people towards gender and helps the females to gain same position and respect in society. Parents no longer treat their female child as burden on them.

Today, we have seen how the terrorist leaders exasperate uneducated poor people in the name of religion, through wrong facts and use them as tools to fulfill their destructive means. This is, when illiteracy strikes the society at the worst. An illiterate person is none but a blind person who has to follow the path and rules made by someone else, even if they may affect him. The spread of education has decreased the poverty rates in the world and enhanced the standards of living. Consequently, there is a decrease in crime rates as well. It turns our minds towards positivity and remove negativity from our life. It makes us capable to solve the biggest problems of our life and our society with ease and peace.

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Education is probably the best tool to bring a revolution in the society. Although, many a times, we have seen how well educated people destroy the lives of people in society and education is often blamed for the cause but at that time, we should not forget that we all are human beings and every of us have desires and needs which often force us to leave the right path. These are the mistakes of people, not education. Those who use education for good cause always praise its importance but those who blame education and say that, “Education cannot bring a change in society”, should think that If education cannot change society, then what can? Education has eradicated numerous dirty spots from humanity and is responsible for our vast progress in the modern world. Hence, we should always aware people about the importance of education in our life and we should work collectively with unity, forgetting all our differences, to convey education to each and every doorstep of this world.