Biotechnology Term Paper

Term Paper:

Biotechnology is the discipline which studies the possibility to use the living organisms and the products of their activity for the solutions of various technological tasks and the possibility to create the living organisms with the desired qualities with the help of genetic engineering.

Biotechnology is often called the practise of genetic engineering in the 20th and 21st centuries, but the term has broader meaning and includes a wide complex of modifications of biological species for the satisfaction of the human requirements starting from the modification of plants and the method of artificial selection and hybridization. With the help of the modern methods the traditional biotechnological production gained the opportunity to improve the quality of the food products and increase the productiveness of the living organisms.

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Till the 1970 the term ‘biotechnology’ was mainly used is agriculture and food industry, but later the term got its broader meaning when the laboratorial methods started to be practised and the scientists began to speak about genetic engineering and cloning. Today it is obvious that biotechnology is based on such sciences and their branches like genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, cellular biology, chemical and information technology and robotics. Biotechnology has been used by people for centuries and can be observed on the example of brewing. Of course, today the sphere of the biotechnology’s activity is wiser and touches upon many aspects. Evidently, the attitude towards biotechnology is different.

The opponents to the discipline claim that the human being does not have the right to ‘play’ with genes and create new species of animals and new sorts of plants; the supporters prove that the development of biotechnology can solve such problems as world hunger, etc.

Biotechnology is one of the most perspective disciplines, because it provides the scientists with wide field of activity and experiments. The students who are asked to complete the assignment based on biotechnology should learn about the topic much in order to be able to analyze the suggested problem well. A good term paper on biotechnology should contain up-to-date information taken from the reliable sources and explain the value, advantages and disadvantages, methodology and aims of the discipline. In conclusion one should share his ideas about the further development of biotechnology and its possible achievements.

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