Education for people with disabilities – Term Paper

There are different categories of disabilities that affect children. Some form of behavior portrayed by children such as excessive fear and lack of children to maintain any social relationships with their age mates. Lack of key communication skills can be a sign of a disorder. There are also physical disabilities that make the affected person require special assistance in learning. Others also have multiple exceptionalities where they require the provision of support systems and the assistance by special teachers who hold qualifications in special needs education.

     A sound education system should take into consideration children living with disabilities. Education is a key to the wellness of a person, and every child has a right to access education. There are children with intellectual and developmental disabilities who face challenges in receiving a basic education. Children with disabilities face the problem of segregation whereby they are placed in different classes from the other students with no disabilities. They are limited to opportunities and cannot participate in social activities in general classrooms with the other students. By so doing the children with disabilities feel segregated, discriminated, and therefore lack the confidence to overcome their fears. Once the students leave school, they are unprepared for the realities of life, as they have not interacted with others.

    There has been the use of restraint and seclusion on children with disabilities which leads to injury, trauma and sometimes leads to death. When untrained people handle children with disabilities, they might use force harming the children and yet the children are harmless. Stringent rules should be introduced where trained personnel take care of children with disabilities in a loving manner. The advocating of the rights to education to persons with disabilities should be supported, and more awareness created. Schools should also provide transition services for students with disabilities so that they can transit to adult life and employment with ease.

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