Speech about education – Term Paper

Speech on education

“Ladies and Gentlemen of our great nation, today it gives me great honour to attend this session where thousands of you got to travel from miles and distances to deliberate on how we can take our education to a better level. I am not only here to give my congratulations based on the achievement you got to make while coming here but also to remind our students across the nation on what education can achieve to them and our country as a whole through depicting some of the challenges that get experienced in the educational sector. The only way in which our country may realise its educational goals get based on the willingness of breaking free the tired thinking and the political stalemate that gets noted to dominate our country for decades. 

Both our students and all of us must get willing to make trials on new ideas and new reforms that get founded on what may work to offer the students the best possible chance and solutions in life. At the current defining moment in history, they are getting faced with that opportunity than ever before. Our students must ensure that they work to compete for the few available jobs. It gets pointed out in the various educational institutions across our land that internet connection got to enable easy learning and acquisition of knowledge. They must, therefore, endeavour to use the available surplus resources provided by the government with the inclusion of the internet services for purposes of enhancing their studies. 

Our country gets depicted as a worried nation considering the current state of the economy where other countries that out- educate us today look forward to out- compete us tomorrow. Already, our neighbouring state, directly from the East of our Highland gets to graduate eight times as many doctors as we are. The burden lies with us, and our students must rise and do what gets needed of them. Each one must play a role, but the bigger percentage of what should get done lies upon the heads of our students across the nation. For us to give our country a future, we must show the willingness of moving forward as most of our students have demonstrated by the recent results released by the ministry of education. 

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Importance of education in society

Even as we keep in mind the discussion on hope, we must not accept a country half of all our teenagers who fail to understand the basic fraction that gets taught in schools. We must not take a country where nearly seven in ten students get noted to suffer mathematical problems. We must refuse a country where our elementary students get recorded to manage an average of twenty-five minutes of science each day when all of us possess the knowledge which stipulates that over seventy percent of the fastest growing jobs across the globe require knowledge that gets founded on Mathematics and Science. The depicted nation gets noted as morally unacceptable for us and the future generation. It predicts future economic instability for our country, and it should not image us as in any way. Everyone across the globe recognises our nation as one that gets to understand her future as inextricably linked to the education of her students. They also appreciate our country based on the beliefs of great minds like that of Thomas Jefferson’s’ Declaration on the virtue of talent and a need for free society which receives an equal education regardless of wealth or place of birth. 

Our definition comes from such ideologies, and that forms the main reason for my assertion which gets built on an opportunity to lead a new era of mutual responsibility in the field of education. A responsibility that brings all of us together for the sake of our students’ success and the nation as a whole. An era that provides each of us with a chance of doing our part and making the success a reality. Parents, teachers and all leaders across the nation must come together to show solidarity and willingness in achieving the success. It must start with mending the broken promises of No Student Left Behind. Therefore, making a pledge to educate all our children and seeing them through the educational life gets construed as a right move. Bringing to an end the achievement gaps which gets depicted as equally good. Considering the aspect of accountability which also gets pointed out as right, and finally, high education standards that primarily get noted as necessary.

We must fix the failure on No Student Left Behind in Education. We must also release the required funds to support their education. On the same aspect, we must offer the provision of enough resources and finally ensure that we meet the various commitments to the special education program. I will, therefore, work within my area of practice with every individual to make sure that much gets realised within the educational sector. In conclusion, we must always acknowledge that our fore- fathers fought so hard so that we may get a better education and better services today. Therefore, regardless of who we are, we must ensure that bring to reality the required success in our education and produce productive future citizens. Thank you and may God bless our nation.”   

Reflection and analysis of the speech on importance of education

The Pre- persuasion- The mentioned got noted in my way of talking while making the speech which depicted an act of sadness for the current state of our education sector.

The goal of the speech- The primary aim gets noted through persuading the people in a political manner that our educational system needs to get changed and a new regime could bring the change. That got justified through the statement which I mentioned that “I will, therefore, work within my area of practice with every individual to make sure that much gets realised within the educational sector.”

How to establish credibility- The credibility in my speech get built through the mentioning of facts, for example, the failures noted in the educational sector and reminding the audience of the Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration. It should also get pointed out that the speech takes a peripheral root due to the space it offers to the audience to make their judgments after making persuasion.

Speech analysis

Use of ethos in the speech- Ethos mainly get depicted by my appearance, bearing a sad face when mentioning how half our teenager fails to manage simple fraction and other related sentiments.

Use of pathos- Pathos equally got used to portray an aspect of refusal for a country that her future gets noted at stake. For example, when I mentioned that “we must not accept a country half of all our teenagers who fail to understand the basic fraction that gets taught in schools.” 

Finally, I feel the speech would, in the end, persuade the audience because it addressed factual information that gets depicted in most of the educational institutions and that moment got noted as the best for the people to address them.