Education is a need for every humanbeing – Term Paper

Education is a need for every humanbeing. It not only teaches about the subject but it also gives a experience for every individual how to move socially in the society. Generally the education gives a complete awareness about the system that we follow and the way we have to live.

As every human is now aware of what he/she is doing,but there are many flaws in deciding. Generally the man can decide what they want but education gives u awide challenging aspects for day to day. The present society is in a rush to become a successful person but they are not thinking that way whether they are in a right way to their success or not. EDUCATION not only gives the courage but it also tells how a person could handle himself in the society. There are many social activities in the society till the human is believing like karma, ghost, caste, racisim, etc. The world is running to speed that the thing what we want can be get in a second but backward in thinking. Majorly the caste feeling should be criticized in the education system because due to it the best is going to get a low grade opportunity and the one with less skills is going to get a opportunity in the department. The one with caste discrimination will be the most suffering person in the world. We need to develop the thinking capability of the human in need for favour .The ego is also making the person to commit a crime in the society but they are not thinking that they are downthrowing themselves to little.

So by the education in abetter way can be improve the social awareness of individual that the people are the one who can make the country in a systematic way. The education not only taught us what is right but also makes us to sense what is the need. It also tells that what a culture matters to an individual and what the thing the man can do. One of the things I have to mention here that the education is one which makes a drastic changes in day to day life. Previously the girl child is not fit for education is the view in our olden days but the national policy of education,1986 laid emphasis on education for attaining women`s equality which will foster the development of new values. This is one of the simple example that the education is only the one media that every individual will be held high in the society without any regrets.

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Better the education can lead a better life. It makes the people who are in a wrong way can be made to change their path with a socialistic educational values