Education is a tool of change – Term Paper

Since the dawn of man, our cultural advances have been credited to the rapid advancement of our knowledge and intellect. Whether it be learning how to domesticate animals, cultivate vegetation as food, or gaining knowledge of medicinal techniques, the basis is still the same, learning and education is needed for social change. In this day and age education is taken for granted, people don`t see that it is the most powerful weapon for change. Without an education, one cannot change themselves for the better, and if they can`t even change themselves, they can`t be expected to change the world around them. Education is also needed to help us as a people learn from our past, even though most of our history is skewed and biased, there are still pivotal points that we can take from our history to make a difference in the present. But most importantly, education is needed to help influence and culture the ideas of the future, without education, the number of groundbreaking ideas would decrease drastically. These are all the major reasons why education and change for our world go hand and hand

 In this modern world, it is common to see new, innovative ideas that can change our everyday life. It has become so common, that just because you create something doesn`t mean that you were the first to do it. This is thanks to the easy accessibility of information and knowledge, whether it be from the internet, books, or an educator. The one thing all these variables have in common are the fact that they all stem from education. Our future is determined by what we teach our future generations and what imaginations we nurture.

It is also essential for us to teach and inform the younger generation of our mistakes in the past as a people so we can prevent any more mistakes in the present and future. This brings change through trial and error, because of a failure to educate a past generation, atrocities such and the holocaust and Vietnam War were a result. So in order to prevent such events happening again, we must educate the younger generations of our past mistakes in hopes that they will change and make choices that are different from ours. And with their new choice, they bring a new path and future which is a change from the road we had previously walked on.

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Education is needed to change society but it is also a very important tool for helping to improve and change oneself. This can be interpreted in simple terms for example, if one is trying to lose weight, they would research and educate themselves in different ways to do so. This can also be interpreted in a deeper meaning, if you have a bad habit or and addiction that is hard to break, you would learn and educate yourself in the most efficient ways to break what`s holding you back. As an individual, being educated is a must, especially in the growing modern would today. One cannot function or live a certain way, without common knowledge that would`ve been advanced 30 years ago. This shows that in an evolving world, one must change and educate themselves first before they can expect to change the world around them.

Education is a tool for social change because without an education, we cannot nurture and nourish new ideas that could change the way we see and interact with the realm around us. If we didn`t education our younger generations, then society as we know it wouldn`t be the same. Education is also pivotal in the process of preventing detrimental, large scale atrocities and mistakes. If the younger generations do not learn from what we did wrong, then change will be slowed, if not halted. Education lastly important for one to change themselves, because without changing and education oneself, how can they change the environment that they dwell in.