To find someone of a perfect match and be in a true relationship is a hard nut to crack. To maintain a relationship is even more challenging than to enter into it. There are some qualities that a perfect relationship requires to last for a longer period and be beneficial to the involved members. It is believed that for a coexistence of two or more people in a relationship, be it just beneficial friend or lovers; there must be a rhyme between the involved and understanding. Among the other causes of failure in relationships, cheating and mistrust are one of the most crucial issues that hinder the growth of a strong relationship. This paper focuses on finding out how cheating can lead to a failure of a relationship. The study looks vividly into the causes of cheating as others do it for a significant reason while others do not have any given reason. Mostly among the loved ones, a mistress can cause loved ones to engage in a dangerous action. Through referring to the two stories Spunk By Zora Neale Hurston and Fence By August Wilson.

Spunk, a title of a book by Zora Neale, is romance novel, which looks into the relationship scores of two couples. He couples adore each other until one decides to start cheating on the other, a story that ends with a somber mood one of the main characters dies in the end. Through the third person, the writer presents this love story. In a town located in the central Florida, where is populated mostly by the black Americans is where the writer sets the story. The two married couples live happily just until the decadence of trust among them begins. This starts with the wife, Lena Kay who enters into a secret relationship with a man who is not his husband, Spunk Banks. This relationship started and grew into something public. This was discovered when the two recent lovebirds Lena Katy and Spunk Banks are viewed by two idling men when disappearing into the woods.

The study looks into how love can make someone engage in an action that is very dangerous. Following the pain that one feels after being cheated on after basing all the trust in his or her partner. This is the pain that smears through Joe Kantys heart when he realizes that his wife has been cheating on her. This follows after being criticized by Walter and Elijah the two men who saw his wife heading to the bush with another man, he is filled with fury and removes a razor. Elijahs words pierce through joes heart. He then follows Lena Kanty, his wife and the other man into the woods. Spank the bravest man in the village is feared by most. He is the man that joes adrenaline have directed him to. The fight ends in a mood that is somber as Joe dies in the end.

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Compared to The Spunk, FencesBy August Wilson is a book that talks about a play that starts with some friends discussing their past life experience. Cheating has two major causes. One can just decide to cheat in a relationship because of a no good reason while some people are forced to cheat resulting from a significant and understandable reason. Lena Kanty in the previous story, Spunk cheated because she fell in love with another man, this a no significant reason to break someone’s trust. In the play, Fences Troy, the main protagonist confesses to his first wife of cheating in the relationship. He breaks the news by telling her that he had another wife who was expecting his child. He then explains himself out to his wife Ho important the other woman had been to him and changed his life. This is understood by his wife, Rose. She even accepts Albertas child into her house.

From the analysis of the two stories, the study reveals why someone can cheat and the significance of cheating in a relationship. It also summarizes the dangerous effects of cheating and lack of trust in an engagement.

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