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Fast foods are foods that are sold in the restaurant, which have precooked or preheated ingredients. This kind of food is served to the customers in a packed form for take-away. With increased roles in life and people getting busy, the eating habits have changed, and people are consuming fast foods at a higher rate. Fast foods are normally deep-fried, and they have a high-fat content or have high sugar concentration which is unhealthy for the body. On the other hand, they are advantageous since they help people save time they spend preparing and eating lunch. Fried and processed foods subject the people that eat them to an unhealthy state. Based on the recent trends in the health sector, many lifestyle diseases have been said to be caused by the food that people eat. However, not all fast foods are bad. Some foods are prepared healthily and are fit for consumption. This essay presents the pros and cons of eating fast foods.

Fast foods are fast just as the name suggests. They are quickly served, and they can be eaten with great convenience without one having to find a suitable place to take them. They can be eaten in transit, in the office or even in the field. Another advantage of fast foods is that they are cheap. They are affordable to all persons and can be served in different quantities; just as the person wishes. The foods also have the same taste and a similar procedure for preparation all over. A person doesn’t have to worry about the way that the food they were prepared since the process of cooking many fast foods is known.

On the other hand, fast foods pause a health hazard to the humans. Most of these foods have high-calorie content, which is unhealthy to the body. A high-calorie level in the body can cause a person to develop heart diseases. Also, some fast foods are mixed with unknown ingredients which can cause allergic reactions to people. The foods do not give a balanced diet to a person. Many of these foods are concentrated with either carbohydrates or proteins. For proper development of the body, a person needs to take a balanced diet on a daily basis. Fast foods also take away family time. Parents or even children do not find enough time to spend with their children due to the fast consumption of fast foods. Sometimes, fast foods do not have a healthy impact on the body. A person that eats them may not get any nutritional content since the foods are prepared and stored using chemicals, which are not fit for human consumption. It is important that people watch the kind of fast foods they consume so that they can avoid the health hazards that face them in consuming unhealthy foods. Therefore all fast foods should not be just consumed without a deep thought. People nee It is important that people watch the kind of fast foods they consume so that they can avoid the health hazards that face them in consuming unhealthy foods. Therefore all fast foods should not be just consumed without a deep thought. 

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Fast food and healthy food essay

With the changing lifestyles of people around the world, individuals are looking for convenient options that suit their schedules. Food is one of the elements that persons change to suit their modes of living. Specifically, people with busy lifestyles tend to prefer fast food to other types. More people have been tending towards fast food because of the desire to manage more activities around them. However, it is needful to consider the advantages and disadvantages of fast food. For example, proponents of fast food contest that it offers a cheap as well as a time-saving alternative. However, opponents suggest that such eating habits are unhealthy. 

Fast food is a cheap option for people. The changing economic times the world over have been pushing persons and institutions to seek cost-saving possibilities in everything they venture into (Park, 2016). If people and companies have to look for cheap alternatives is because they would like to remain sustainable, which is desired in the contemporary world that faces the challenge of rising cost of living. Hunger threatens more poor people than it did a century ago because of hiked prices of commodities and changing climatic conditions among others (Park, 2016). Therefore, fast food is an option for those seeking to sustain themselves economically. 

Another argument in favor of fast foods is that it is time-saving. In fact, most persons globally have been considering that their busy lifestyles cannot allow them to look for other types of meals. The proponents of fast foods also suggest that it would be a significant waste of time for students, managers, and employees of busy institutions to spend more time eating or looking for food since it is economically unproductive (Johansen, 2012). The connection between economic considerations and time-saving tactics draws from another argument that suggests the need for people to be more productive for them to remain sustainable. Therefore, fast food is the best alternative for people with time-saving mindsets. 

As much as fast food could be having the advantages that have been described, it is worthwhile knowing that opponents forbid people from eating them since they are unhealthy. This argument emanates from the fact that the busy and sedentary lifestyles that the modern society seems to adopt places them at high risk of contracting lifestyle disorders such as hypertension, diabetes, and obesity among others. Scientists argue that fast foods contain chemicals and other elements that increase the risk of the identified health issues. For example, most fast foods have higher amounts of sodium, saturated fats, sugars, and salts than the prescribed volumes (Cawley, 2014). Consequently, fast food is unhealthy and would raise the expenditures on health for most people around the world. 

In conclusion, fast food is a trend in the contemporary society for the fact that it offers a cheap alternative to most persons who cannot afford other meal types. Additionally, eating fast food enables people to save time that they might use on other productive activities. The two advantages mean that fast foods are in line with the desire by companies and individuals alike to remain economically sustainable. However, fast food is unhealthy since it contains higher amounts of chemicals linked with lifestyle-related ailments. 


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