Problems With Fast Food Sample – Term Paper

The problem with fast food

There is a heated debate regarding eating of fast food. Whereas some people feel that one should avoid the habit, others have no problem with the issue. This research essay seeks to explore the advantages and disadvantages of eating fast food. 

One of the major benefits of eating fast food is the fact that they offer a cheaper alternative. Whereas other healthy foods are expensive for some people, fast foods are very cheap and anyone can afford them. They do not require someone to spend a lot of money, and as such, they sometimes make it possible for people who would have gone without a meal to get something for their stomachs. 

Fast foods are time saving. When one goes to a restaurant that deals with fast foods, he or she receives his or her order a few minutes after ordering. The same is not true for healthier foods, which require a lot of time to prepare. Therefore, the fast foods offer the best alternative for people who receive guests without warning or when one needs to eat something before getting back to work.

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Currently, the citizens of the United States, for example, can make proper decisions regarding whether to purchase fast foods or not. The passing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care act of 2010 stipulated that all fast food locations give out the calorie count of each menu offered at the restaurant for the consumers to check and make a choice. With this information, a consumer will decide whether it is good for his or her health. Therefore, it is true to say that the fast food restaurants are considering the health of their consumers, and this makes them caring since a consumer would not overeat after seeing the amount of calories in a meal.

Fast foods also pose many drawbacks, one of which is addiction. Like a drug, after eating a fast food meal, consumers tend to be addicted. This is a bad thing because fast foods have little to offer regarding nutrients to the bodies of the consumers. Therefore, when one gets addicted, he or she might decide to ignore healthier meals that actually help his or her body. The long-term effect of this is lifestyle diseases that always require a lot of money to treat. 

Another  disadvantage of fast food is the fact that it attracts children, who may fail to make informed decisions even when handed the calorie count. Children will rarely understand what calories or what effects taking them pose to the people. Therefore, even when given the same, it will not change their decision. This makes the calorie count requirement meaningless. Adults too may fail to make proper decisions because it requires a lot of discipline for someone to avoid such food. 

Another drawback of fast food is the fact that its pricing is deceptive. Someone might think that he or she is saving a lot of money by eating from a fast food location as opposed to cooking a healthy meal in his or her house. However, this is not the case because the fast food meals are not worth their prices because they lack any health benefits. 

In conclusion, fast food meals should be taken with caution because despite the advantages they offer, they also pose some serious drawbacks.