Ethics Exam

CE 440 Ethics Exam Winter 2013 This exam is for you to do individually with no collaboration with fellow students. Hello, this is an ethics exam. The subject of the exam is engineering ethics and professional responsibility. The exam is based on material in the documents listed below. DUE: March 8th at noon in the Dropped at the course web site. Resources Attached: CASE Code of Ethics CASE Ethics Guidelines Case Studies Exam Questions: All questions are of equal value: 10 points each. Keep your answers short; a correct answer surrounded by incorrect answers is incorrect.

All work must e done electronically. Do not print the exam, write out the answers, scan it and then send it in. I don’t know why anyone would do this but it’s happened to me twice. Put your answers immediately following the question on a new row; use the space you need for an adequate short answer. Example: Q) Why did the fox Jump over the dog? A) The fox did not like the dog. Exam: 1) A student downloads 75% of their term paper from the Internet. The professor thinks something is up because the paper is of the quality that students could not usually produce.

The professor has the TA run the paper through one of the legalism software packages that checks the paper against 24 billion web pages. The check clearly shows the material was “borrowed” from a Journal article. What Canon of Ethics and Principle were violated? (Canon X Principle Y: Just give the numbers you don’t need text) A) Fundamental Principles: 2,3 Fundamental Canons: 3, 4, 5,6 want snouts napped to ten student won Is In ten last quarter Detour graduation Walt $60,000 in loans and no Job prospects?

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A) The student should be subject to the punishment put in place by the university in regards to plagiarism. He should not get a reduced penalty Just because it is his last ratter because he still made the decision to break the rule. What percent of students you know have ever copied material from the internet? 50 % 2) The professor gave the student above a zero on the paper but the student was able to get a passing grade in the course. Since this was the student’s first offense, a zero on that paper was all that was allowed.

The student graduated and went to work for a major consulting firm that was incredibly busy getting proposals finished and turned in to meet strict deadlines. One minute late and your proposal is not considered. You are assigned to provide 5 pages of background material on national experience using a new model to predict water runoff in arid areas. Since you had downloaded nearly all your term papers, your writing skills are not the best BUT you are an expert at finding material on the Internet, which is exactly what you did.

The proposal goes in to an agency that evaluates it and selects 3 firms out of 20 to interview. Your firm was selected. An expert in the agency recognizes the work you “prepared” the night before the interview and asks some very pointed questions to the president of your company. The president is incredibly embarrassed. The project went to your major competitor and, through some leaks; everyone in this line of work knows what happened. What Canons and Principles were violated with your behavior? A) Principles: 2, 3,4 canons: z 3, 4, What should the company do?

A) The company should fire him What should you do? A) Apologize to you superiors and admit to your faults. Also, update your resume as you should anticipate being fired. 3) You have changed you name and moved as far away from Seattle that you can get and now work in Key West, Florida for a small firm that specializes in doing work in ca I nee owner was In ten Peace corps In Uganda Ana speaks swan Ill Ana NAS close contacts throughout central Africa. The owner puts together international teams to conduct design and construction projects that make everyone a lot of money.

The World Bank funds most projects so there is never a problem getting paid. Many countries around the world have a corruption problem with public works projects and it’s virtually impossible to get awarded a contract without some sort of payoff. It is strictly illegal under US law to use payoffs as a way of doing business. The wine is well aware of these laws and since he is a stand up kind of guy, never provides payoffs to anyone and has told you that. The total contract is about $200,000,000. Your firm gets $20,000,000 for overall project management and coordination.

A British design firm gets $50,000,000 for design and inspection. Australian contractor is doing the construction for $110,000,000. A local consultant to your firm gets $20,000,000 for something and nobody asks what that is. This consultant seems to have only one employee. Everybody knows what’s going on here and the local consultant is using most of the none to bribe public officials so your firm can get the work. Your firm doesn’t bribe anybody. Well sort of… To get work in many parts of the world many of the officials are expect bribes or “consulting” Jobs for themselves or family members.

The example we are talking about is a case where you would not get the work without a payoff by some nears. Everybody does it. Why Canons and Principles apply here? Canons: 3, 4, 5, 6 What should you do? (Given your history, you may be entering the fast food industry if you lose this Job. ) A) If he has a problem with what is going on, he should approach his superiors in a reflections matter and talk about it. 3) You are working full time for a government agency and have time on your hands.

During your breaks, lunch, and after work you start a growing business on eBay selling used construction equipment from your cousin’s company. You are careful to never do any of this during your posted work hours. A little creep in the next cubicle ratted you out to your boss who is really upset. Name several reasons why your boss might be upset. You aren’t completely Autocue on your current JODI You might be using company resources during your breaks to deal with the personal equines If the eBay company gets big enough, it could take up more time and eventually affect your work Which Canon and Principles apply in this case?

A) Principle: 3 Canon: 4, 5, 7 4) A contest is held in a professional setting where everyone is asked to guess how many people would show up in the wrong room and wrong time for a professional lecture from a noted Professor. The person with the closest number would get a prestigious prize. Everyone wants to win. Cell phone technology has changed the way we live. Several employees colluded to game the game. One employee went into the lecture hall and waited for people to arrive. The conspirators guessed numbers over a reasonable range and waited outside to hear from the person in the lecture hall.

When the time period drew close, the person in the lecture hall tested the others who would enter the hall at the last minute so their number was a winner. And they won. Does this violate any Canons and the Principles? If so which? A) Yes, it violates the canons and principles because this situation happened in a professional setting. Principle: 2 canon: 3, 5 Should they get prize? A) No because they cheated in order to win. 5) Go to the first page of the attachment titled: “Case Studies”. You will see a list of terms with definitions.

Rank these terms from 1 to 9 where 1 is the most important and 9 the least important. Leave out “Stakeholders” since it’s no a behavior associated with it. This is hard! No ties. Conflict of Interest-4 Significant Professional Relationship-5 Family Members-2 Insider Trading-7 continental or Proprietary International-1 Outside Employment-9 Bribes-3 Kickbacks-6 Harassment-8 6) Look at the attachment “Case Studies” and go to the 5th page titled “Drinking Problem”. How would you respond to the two concerns of the union at the bottom of the page? A) I would support the union in its concerns.

The first point, an unwarranted invasion of privacy, is a legitimate concern. The company is not doing too well, and blaming it on drugs is unwarranted. The bans on alcohol and other drugs have been in place for a year and the company is still performing poorly. Therefore, there should be no reason to implement random drug testing. The second point, exempting professionals from the testing, is also unethical. Andy, the current head of quality control has been caught by John of being under the influence of alcohol numerous mimes and the former head of quality control got fired for being drunk on the Job.

Those two facts prove that the professionals are Just as likely to fail the random drug testing as everyone else so having them exempt from the testing is unethical. 7) Look at the attachment “Case Studies” and go to the 9th page titled “Promotion”. What, if anything, should Judy do? A) Judy should not do anything. In Ace’s guidelines, it states that an engineer should not “play favorites or otherwise allow personal interests to influence a professional decision. ” Judy personal relationship with Catherine has influenced ere to think that Catherine wouldn’t do a good Job.

Also in the guidelines, it says that in may be inappropriate for an engineer to take part in a decision where a conflict of interest exists. 8) Look at the attachment “Case Studies” and go to the 10th page titled “Recommendation of a Friend”. Section l: How should Rob respond to Harvey? A) Rob should be honest with Harvey and tell him everything he knows about Ted. Fundamental Principle #2 says that you should be honest and impartial when dealing with the public, their employers, and clients. Harvey’s company is considering Ted or a position so being honest would help his company.