Term Paper on Teenage Smoking

Smoking Term Paper:

Teenage smoking is the relevant problem all over the world, because adolescents in developed and developing countries start smoking in the same massive way. It is obvious that teenage smoking was extremely widespread in 1990s and nowadays its rating has been declining gradually due to many factors. There are several reasons why make teenagers start smoking and they are connected with the social environment. Naturally, every young person is manipulated easily and she cares about the opinion of her peers concerning her personality. Very often young people smoke, because their peers also smoke and they want to follow their habits in order to look cool.

Then, parents’ example is quite effective in this occasion, because the majority of young smokers tried their first cigarette following their parents’ habit.

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Next, many adolescents smoke, because the harmful effect of mass media and cinematography.

Mass culture has created an image of the hero who is always able to cope with any problem and he smokes every time there is an occasion for it. Adolescents, especially young men think that smoking solves problems and the bad example of movies and advertisements influences the human mind. It does not worth mentioning that more than 90% of adult smokers got used to this habit in adolescence, so it is important to protect teenagers from smoking in order to save their health in future. Teenagers who smoke about 10 cigarettes per day are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety disorders, cancer, diseases related with digestion, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Teenage smoking is a serious problem which requires professional solutions. Numerous international health organizations, voluntary organizations and just interested people work hard to prevent young people from smoking illustrating the consequences of this habit for the human health and criticizing tobacco corporations which advertise their products among young people.

The student who studies the issue about teenage smoking is supposed to learn the roots of this problem, the social categories of adolescents who start smoking early, the factors which cause smoking, etc. Finally, one should compare different countries and social groups of smokers and study the solutions to this problem all over the world presenting the most effective methods in the term paper.

The student is able to complete a worthy term paper if he takes advantage of a free example term paper on teenage smoking analyzed and written by the expert in this sphere. The young person has the chance to look through a quality text of a well-formatted free sample term paper on teenage smoking and see how to make the right structure of the paper, how to research the matter and select methods for the professional investigation of the issue.