Examples of social policy – Term Paper

The process is not likely to result in a justifiable ethical decision because considering only the views of only a few individuals taking part in the decision-making process might not be viable. Ethically speaking, there should be an inclusion of all the views regarding a certain action. This helps to avoid problems that may arise by failing to involve all parties in decision making before undertaking an action. In this case, for instance, a firm should consider the views of the community as well and include them in order to benefit from the corporate social responsibility strategy. By so doing, the firm will get a good public image and improve its reputation.

Secondly, in a firm, there should are various departments which coordinate to ensure the success of actions taking place and failure to consider interests of others might impair with the various actions expected to be done in the long run. Social policy is paramount than deciding to look out for the balance of pleasure over pain for own self-interests (Northen, 2013). It is also notable that both the internal and external environments must interplay for the common good of all but consider only the decisions of the internal environment alone might bring about difficulties that may not be easy to comprehend.

Thirdly, for a process to be considered ethical it must be inclusive to all the players affected by an action. Every decision-making process must include everyone if it has to be productive. Therefore, in any kind of action chosen to be undertaken there should be sharing of ideas so that the success of it will be beneficial to everyone and in case there are failures, the parties come up together to see the necessary ways of resolving the problems(Sayer, 2010). However, if one considers only own self-interests in an action for decision-making, then ethically it will not be right and the consequences of actions failing might be hard to resolve.

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