Term Paper on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Hierarchy of Needs Term Paper:

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is the well-known name of the hierarchical structure of the human needs, which was offered by the American psychologist Abraham Maslow. The hierarchy illustrates the scheme of the human needs from the less important to the most important ones and this theory is considered to be one of the best explanation of the human motivation and is also called needs theory. The hierarchy has an interesting form of a pyramid, on the bottom of which there are the essential needs required for human existence. The upper levels of the pyramid add more needs, which have the material, moral and spiritual values. For example, on the bottom of the hierarchy there are physiological needs (the feeling of hunger, thirst, the need of sleep, sex, etc.).

The second level is called the level of safety. Here a human being needs the feeling of protection, self-esteem, absence of fear and failure. The thirds level is characterized with the need of love and devotion to something (for example, to the group of people and share some values with them; a human being wants to be a part of something). The fourth level is the need of respect. A human being requires encouragement, respect and praise when she achieves something in life. The fifth level of the hierarchy is very important, because when all the lower needs are satisfied, the person wants to broaden her outlook and she strives to learn and get to know the world around, so, it is the need for education. Then, the sixth level is represented by the esthetical needs. A person strives to see the beauty of the world and is interested in art. The last and the highest level is the need to achieve something in life and make a great contribution into the development of the human civilization.

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Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is quite a popular type of a motivation theory, but many scholars criticise it. A student who is writing a Maslow’s hierarchy of needs term paper should study the topic well to be able to prove whether the theory is valid or not. One can present a list of advantages and disadvantages of the pyramid, analyze them, pride the teacher with wise conclusions and prove his point of view with the reliable evidence.

In order to make a well-organized term paper one will need to read only high-quality sources and free example term papers on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in the Internet. It is an advantage to look through at least several well-analyzed and well-formatted free sample term papers on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to get to know how to complete your own original well-structured paper.