Term Paper on Theories of Personality

of Personality Term Paper:

The development of a human being is a difficult process and many scholars have spent much time to explain the key principles and factors which influence this process. A human being is a social creature which can live, exist and develop only in the society of the similar human creatures, who coexist and cooperate for the single purpose. Evidently, a human being can not be called a personality, because a personality is something higher and more developed. When the baby is born, it can not be called a personality, because it is just an individual or a representative of the biological specie. When the child grows bigger and succeeds in the process of socialization, he will be called a person. When the person achieves something in life and gains respect of other people and becomes an active member of the human society contributing something into its development, the persona is called a personality.

There are several main theories which explain the process of the development of a personality.

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First of all, it is the biological theory, which explains the human development on the basis of her genes. That means, a person develops to such limits which are set in her genetic code (if the parents are extroverts, the child will probably inherit this type of character). Behavioural theories are based on the fact that human personality develops with the help of the experience gained during the interaction of a human being and natural and social environment. Psychodynamic theories suggested by Freud explain the results of the development of personality on the basis of the childhood and child emotions and experience of an individual.

The problem of the personality development has always bothered psychologists and they have suggested many theories which should be known by every student. A successful theories of personality term paper is supposed to be interesting, informative, contain up-to-date and trustworthy facts. A students should do much work to succeed in term paper writing and explain the differences of all the theories and their advantages and disadvantages. One should provide the list of the scholars and psychologists who have suggested these theories and present the most important points of every theory. In the end one should summarize the paper wisely and choose several best theories according to his point of view.

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