Term Paper on Motivation Theories

Theories Term Paper:

Motivation is the force which makes a human being act and do something to achieve her goal. Motivations can be of different type, but most of them are activated when one is in a crisis. For example, unless one is hungry, he will never do anything to find food or if one wants a car, he starts thinking about money and decides to find a job to earn the money. Motivation is quite a popular subject for discussion and research among psychologists; no wonder, there are many theories, which try to explain what factors influence human motivation stronger. For example, there is instinct theory of motivation, which says that people are motivated all the time, because it is a part of their genetic.

Due to the result of the evolution people managed to develop various systems of needs which they want to satisfy and this action is beyond the perception of human mind. Incentive theory of motivation was offered by another circle of psychologists who claim that people are motivated by the environment and a great number of various rewards (material and spiritual) can be achieved if one just tries to work or do something. On the contrary, drive theory of motivation is based on the negative emotions, because a person works not to achieve something but to avoid needs and shortage of something. Humanistic theory of motivation is represented by the well-known Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Maslow presents the idea, that human needs have a certain structure and one need is more important than the others. Nevertheless, the needs are interconnected and without the satisfaction of the lower level of needs a person can not dream about something bigger.

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When one wants to complete a well-analyzed motivation theories term paper, he should look through only reliable sources and devote much time to the research of the topic. A successful term paper is supposed to be interesting, informative and explain the topic from all sides, devoting enough attention and space to every motivation theory. One should compare all the researched motivation theories and select the most important advantages and disadvantages of the every theory to make the research detailed and quality. Finally, one is expected to present a reasonable conclusion and smart ideas concerning the topic and its problems.

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