Executive Summary Review Feedback Form – Term Paper

The proposal would be approved if formally submitted as it is, but I do believe it still requires a few corrections. The purpose of this paper is to illustrate and exemplify some of the areas that need to be reviewed in the proposal Executive Summary: Initiation of a Dedicated Rapid Response Team RN as well as address some of its strengths and weaknesses.

Firstly, the proposal looks great I have to admit. However, the first weakness is in the introductory part, this section lacks a solid overview of the entire paper. There would be a need for additional of one to two sentences elaborating a general outlook of the paper. 

Secondly, the thesis statement only explains an initiative; it should actually mention what initiative. The thesis statement is, however, a good one and it is positioned well for this proposal. On the other hand, the objectives of the proposal do not come out clearly. In my opinion, some of the objectives need to be put in bullet points to explicitly identify what the scholar is really interested in, some Professors would like to just read that in precise and not go into the nitty gritty of that section.

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The content of the proposal is well articulated, there are relevant sections in the proposal. The proposal, however, needs a methodology section to illustrate how the research would be conducted and how the initiative would be made possible; this would also elaborate the activities to be undertaken. The budget, however, is realistic. 

In conclusion, despite the weaknesses, the content of the proposal is appealing and convincing thus the work would be approved if formally presented as said. But I strongly believe that the scholar needs to fix the few weaknesses highlighted in this feedback review.