Fair and lovely

In additional to serve this purpose it tries to find out all the necessary information that one person needs to know about fair and lovely. Scope of the Term paper In our term paper, we have given the basic ideas regarding fair and lovely. Milliner Corporation’s involvement in this technology, their pioneering steps in developing this instrument of communication, their latest activities & the image they have established in the general consumers mind etc. Have been discussed. In the end there are the discussions regarding fair and lovely in the intents of Bangladesh.

Methodology For this term prepare have collected data and information from various sources such as websites, newspapers etc. We have conducted a research on various people (sample of 60 people, randomly chosen) based on a questionnaire. The questionnaire was used to collect information from the people about their perception regarding different aspects about themselves and fair and lovely. All the collected data used to calculate in Microsoft Excel, thus we can get a more sophisticated view of the consumers perception. Our course instructor Md.

Farman Fearful approved the questionnaire. Limitation It is quite impossible for us to prepare a report without limitations. Lacking of information was a big factor. We have to depend heavily on the various websites. As there is not that much option for comparison with other brands that causes a problem. We conducted the survey during our ongoing course, thus facing serious time constrains. Also the surveyed people are another factor. Because almost all of them are students and they represent almost similar background that makes a pretty tiny chance of variation.

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