G2V Trading is a Brazilian-based company that deals in the trading of printer cartridges. The company imports cartridges from China and sells them in Brazil. The Company imports the cartridges in bulk and sells them to other retailers in the country.

This is a start-up company that is to being its operations in November, 2016. The founders Vinicius Matos and ___________ has saw an opportunity to supply printer cartridges into the Brazilian market, which was fast growing. The company’s plan is to start with importing and selling of cartridges after which it seeks to expand its business and move into the importation of other high-end products that will be sold in the same market.

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The primary challenge that the company faces at the moment is stiff competition from other cartridge producers and suppliers in the industry. Being a start-up, the company will find it difficult to promote their products and gain the customers acceptance in the market.


1.1 Product/Services

At the moment, the company plans to mainly trade in printer cartridges of which it imports from China to Brazil where they are sold. The company expects to experience positive results, and as per the recent trends in the market, the company will for sure be controlling a major portion of the market shortly. The company plans to venture into the importation of other products in the future after it has fully established itself in the market. This will see to it that the company’s customer base rapidly increases.

1.2 Market

The market for G2V Trading Company is the printing industry. The company, therefore, targets printing firms e.g. the media industry that deals in the production of newspapers and magazines. This also applies to advertising businesses and agencies that require ink cartridges for printing out their advertisements. The rapid growth of technology experienced in the country has also seen many people in today’s world use computers and for them to produce most of their written documents; they need printers which in turn require ink cartridges for them to function. With this, the market for printer cartridges has in the recent past experienced rapid growth and is continuing to grow. The company also supplies its products to local authorities, educational establishments, business entities and government departments.

1.3 Competition

The company will face competition from a few other companies in the market with Hp being the primary competitor. The company, however, plans to import quality products at affordable prices and strategically to position itself so as to compete for the market share effectively. Other competitors in the industry are Your Printer Cartridge Company Ltd, Printer Cartridge Montreal, Cartridge people, Island Ink.

1.4 Risk/Opportunity

The major risk faced by the corporation at the moment is the expansion of its operations and effectively marketing their products so as to attract and retain potential customers. The fact that technological advancement has gone a notch high in recent times also presents some risk and opportunity as well. The risk being that new players are going to enter the market thereby bringing in the element of increased competition. However, this advancement in technology also means that the company can take advantage and improve its service delivery and devise new ways of product promotion so as to ensure that it stays ahead of its competitors.

1.5 Financial Plan

The financial projections for the company show that in the first year of operation, the company experienced a break-even in their profits. The business, however, registers positive results in the following years of operations. This fact is attributed to the increase in the firm’s customer base which thus reflected in the company’s revenue. The financial projections for the following years are also positive, and the business is expected to grow in the coming fiscal periods.


2.1 The Company’s Mission and Vision

Mission: To offer the best quality printer products, accessories and services thereby providing sufficient technological solutions.

Vision: Be the company of value to our customers for we value our customers. Print your world and save money.

2.2 Products and Services

The business deals in the importation of printer cartridges from China into Brazil. At the moment the primary product that the firm trades in are the Cartridges, but the company plans to venture into the importation of other commodities into the market shortly. The business seeks to provide quality products to its customers at affordable prices in all parts of the country. The company will strive to ensure that its potential customers get the best quality of products and that they are served well so as to make sure that the firm retains its customer base and attracts new customers. The main features of the business include the following:

    Quality: We offer quality products and services to our clients, and we ensure reliance towards them.

ii. Fairness: This ensures that all our customers and employees are treated with fairness and equality. This also goes a long way in ensuring gender equality and treatment to all our clients.

iii. Reliability: The Company provides that the products and services offered to our customers are reliable and adequately satisfies the needs of the clients. This will see to it that the firm’s goods and services are preferred among the others that are offered in the market.

iv. Value: The Company values its clients and thus ensures that the customers also get the same benefit from the products and services purchased.

With this, our customers will experience the best customer service and have access to quality products at affordable prices that will ensure that their needs are sufficiently met and satisfied.

2.3 Size of the business

G2V Trading Company falls under the printer ink/cartridge industry and being a company that was recently started the size of the firm is not so big, but it has a great potential for future growth in the industry. With many other businesses still joining this industry and the advancement in technology gives more room for expansion and offer of quality products and services.