Critical Input – Term Paper

2.4 Critical Input
 The company has a few significant contributions that it needs to improve on; these include:
•    The scope of operation: The firm needs to expand its scope of operation so as to ensure that its products reach as many potential customers as possible.
•    Competition:  Due to the rapid growth of the market, the firm faces the competition from other businesses, and there is a possibility of other enterprises venturing in the same business in the future. The business, therefore, has to ensure that it offers quality products at affordable rates so as to ensure that it controls the market and stays in the game.
•    Marketing: The firm needs to promote its products effectively so as to ensure that it attracts new customers and retain its current clients. This will result in the business establishing itself well in the market.
The company faces competition from various firms which also deal in the trading of printer cartridges. These competitors include Hp Cartridges, Your Printer Cartridge Company, Cartridge World and Island Cartridges. With the rapid growth of the industry, other potential players are also likely to enter the market thereby bringing in the element of increased competition as all the players will be struggling to get a share of the market.
Our company has already made plans to ensure that it improves its competitive advantage and capture the largest proportion of the market. The company has therefore devised plans on how it will make sure that it will continually gain a competitive advantage over other players in the market. (The competitive edge will be discussed in the chapter under competitive analysis) 
2.5 Value Chain
The Company’s Vision being, “Ensuring that its consumers derive maximum value from their products and services, the company has provided that its products are capable of bringing out the value required by the customers. The company does this through the following:
1.    Warehousing
The business ensures that the imported products are stored safely in so that they are in well packaged to ensure that they are in the right conditions before they are supplied to potential customers. This ensures that the clients get goods that are not damaged which might. In the warehouse, all inbound logistics concerning the products are worked out to make sure that the goods will derive the desired satisfaction to the consumers.
2.    Operations: After all the inbound logistics have been worked out, actions are put into place to ensure that the products are ready to reach the consumers in their desired quantities and at their desired specifications. This ensures that the goods and services have the ability to satisfy the customer wants and needs adequately satisfied.
3.     Outbound logistics: These are the activities that follow the inbound logistics. After all the operations have been completed, and the products are ready, they are distributed to different locations where they can be easily accessed by the end users. The company has set up an online platform where the users can order for their products, after which the products are delivered to the client’s place of choice.
4.     Marketing and Sales: The firm has ensured that it has set up effective strategies to for product promotion that will see to it that the goods are marketed effectively so as to attract potential customers to purchase the firm’s products. This advertisement seeks to enlighten the customers about the products on offer and why it is better than other products in the market e.g. regarding quality and pricing.
5.    Customer service: To ensure that the clients get maximum value from the company’s products, the firm has provided that it has set an online customer service account whereby the customers can be served from wherever they are and at their convenience. The client service platform makes sure that inquiries from the customers are adequately addressed by the company.
The company’s value chain ensures that the company gains competitive advantage over other firms in the same industry and by that attract and retain potential customers. This also ensures that the business maximises efficiency in its operations which might, in turn, lead to reduced operating costs and finally more profits are realised.
This chapter highlights the nature of the products and service offered by the firm and differentiates them from those offered by other businesses in the market. The internal structure of the company is also shown coupled with the specific requirement of each of the organisational positions.
3.1 Nature of the Products and services offered
G2V Trading Company deals in the importation of printer cartridges from China into Brazil. The firm plans to venture into the importation of other products from China shortly but currently, its core business and product in the printer cartridges which it sells in Brazil.
3.2 Differential Company Offerings
The company plans to import three types of cartridges, i.e. HP 761, HP72 and HP 792. The choice for these cartridges gives the company a significant edge over the rest of the players in the market. This is because most of the printing companies in Brazil use these specific types of printer cartridges. The company will therefore stock different colors of these three types of cartridges. This gives the company a target market niche that can be effectively explored as compared to that of other firms. 
The company also offers deliveries to the client’s location all over the country. This makes it easy for consumers to shop at their convenience and experience a pleasant shopping experience with us. This shopping experience is achieved through the online customer service platform where the customers can buy at their convenience, enquire about the company’s products and give the company feedback on their shopping experience. This helps the company to improve its product and service delivery.
The company also offers these goods and services at affordable rates and large orders are given at favourable discount rates.
3.3 The Management Team
G2V Trading Company’s Management Team will be headed by the Chief Executive Office who will supervise the whole company activities and also foresee the operations of the enterprise. The management team will also include a general manager who will be in charge of all the established branches.
The team will also comprise of branch managers who will be responsible for all the operations of a single branch that he or she will be assigned to.
The Human Resource Manager will also be part of the management team, and he/she will be in charge of advocating for the employee’s rights that are not adhered to so as the employees can do their work and at the same time accomplish the goals.
The Finance Manager will be responsible for keeping and reconciling the financial records of the firm and advising the company on where to invest and how to invest and reinvest. He will head the finance department.;