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What You Can Learn From The Team Behind Showtime’s Billions News Article by Schawbel

This article writes about David Levien and Andrew Ross who collaborated to produce a television drama series known as the ;Billions; (Schawbel, 2017). Koppelman is a podcaster, filmmakers, TV series creator and a former record producer and business executive. On the hand, Levien is a director, novelist, and producer.; Besides, the two have previously worked on small shows such as the ;rounders.; Nonetheless, the two producers came together to work on their latest project known as the ;Billions; to help crusade financial crimes in the United States (Schawbel, 2017). The collaboration helped the producers to reach a wider audience as the public identified with how massive resources disappeared in the public eye.

The partnership between the two producers is a significant indicator of elements of corporate strategy particularly the growth strategy.; The producers used growth strategy and most specifically concentration whereby they concentrated on their primary business line by increasing their production levels. Through the said strategy, the producers exploited the market, identified the needs of the American population, and provided a service that meets their needs (Coulter, 2013). Besides, the producers focused on strategic partnering by collaborating and combining their resources, core competencies, and capabilities and come up with the ;Billion; drama series.

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In conclusion, the partnership between the two producers enabled them to combine their resources is an effective example of how a corporate strategy can enable an organization increases its revenue, market share. The two producers shared their resources, skills, and capabilities to produce the most viewed television drama and this helped them reach a wider audience. As such, this indicates that an effective strategy is essential in helping an organization become successful in its operation and provides a greater chance of market exploitation.


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