Term Paper on Image Processing

Processing Term Paper:

Image processing is the processing of the information, which has the form of an image, photo or a screen of a video file. Image processing can be used for different purposes. First of all, to prepare a successful image which is worth printing or publication in a book, magazine or a newspaper and, secondly, to achieve a different sort of information, for example, connected with the detection of the handwriting, the face of a person on the basis of an old photo, deciphering the ancient text, processing of the photo made by a satellite in the open space or to recognize the type of the cells in the view of the microscopy. Not only static 2D images are processed, but also, the images which change with the run of time, for example video films and this process is more difficult.

The history of image processing is not quite old as it started in the beginning of the 20th century. Optical and analog image processing was popular and widely used till the end of the century but now, with the development of computer technologies and the abilities of computers to conduct much work is shorter terms, people prefer cheaper and more effective digital image processing.

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The latter way is more popular, because it enables fulfill more work, the quality of digital processing is extremely high and the process does not require extra resources and equipment in comparison with the analog image processing.

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