Term Paper on Body Image

Paper on Body Image:

Body image is the fascination and understanding of the beauty and sexuality of the human body.

The term was introduced by Paul Schilder who was an Austrian neurologist and psychoanalyst. He mentioned this term in 1935 in the book The Image and Appearance of the Human Body. It is obvious that the human society has always paid attention to the beauty of the human body but it is natural that the perception of the body by an individual can differ from the social standards, as the understanding of the beauty is subjective and personal.

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The concept of the body image is used in numerous disciplines, including psychology, health care, philosophy and cultural studies and feministic investigations. This concept is very often used in mass media and business which cooperate with the purpose to impose the image of a perfect body on the general public and make people do their best to reach this image buying products which can help them on this way.

According to the research of the American Psychological Association the process of sexualisation of women has a negative impact on girls, because their pay too much attention to their body and suffer from stress and depression when their body does not meet the general standards. The concept of body image has become so important for people, that many women have psychological problems because of their appearance. For example, if a woman sees a slimmer one, she starts to hate herself and her self-respect reduces. Nowadays more than 56% of women and 40% of men are dissatisfied with their body and live in constant discomfort because of this fact.

The concept of body image has become a serious problem, because it is quite easy to manipulate such delicate matters and influence the society for various purposes. If one wants to complete a good body image term paper, he will have to collect many reliable facts on the topic and analyze them scrupulously in order to understand the problem in general and on the direct examples. One should explain the nature of the body image, the elements of this concept, the cause and effect of the problem and conclude the paper professionally defining the future perspectives of the body image and possible new standards of beauty.

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