Aesthetics Term Paper

Term Paper:

Aesthetics is the philosophical study about the nature and forms of beauty in art, nature and life and about the art as the major component of the social consciousness. The aim of aesthetics is to define the core of beauty, its ideal form in different spheres of human life. The main categories which characterize aesthetics are beauty and on the contrary – ugliness, sublime and trivial, tragic and comic, art, aesthetical experience, etc. Aesthetics is divided into several types according to the philosophical and methodological preferences of the authors: empirical, psychological, formal, normative and speculative. On the basis of the object-subject understanding aesthetics is divided into explicit and implicit. Implicit aesthetics focuses on the philosophical thoughts which dwell on the discovery of the sources of beauty in the world and about the ways the beauty manifests itself to the human being.

In the philosophy of the Ancient Greece appeared several basic problems related with aesthetics which still influence the whole European culture. The Greeks divided the existence into Chaos and Cosmos and the Universe was called macrocosm and the human being microcosm. According to their point of view aesthetics has the ontological origin and is the fundament quality of the existence. Explicit aesthetics originated in the 18th century and is generally connected with the individual ability to percept and understand beauty through the art, human emotions, human relations, nature, etc. Being extremely abstract phenomenon aesthetics has been severely criticised by the reputed writers, artists and men of art, because according to their point of view the concept of beauty can not possess a single image, as everyone has his own opinion and vision of beauty.

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Aesthetics is quite a controversial but interesting philosophical study which helps understand the human society better, because on the way of its gradual development the human society has had numerous concepts and visions of beauty and it is interesting to compare its standards in the different periods of the human history. A good term paper on aesthetics is supposed to explain the importance and value of the study for the humanity and philosophy in particular. It is reasonable to introduce the core principles and elements, philosophic thoughts relating aesthetics and make the wise conclusions on the problem.

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