Implicit association test – Term Paper

What is the implicit association test?

The Implicit Association Test (IAT) is a test that is used to determine the strength of automatic associations of which are present in peoples’ minds. The IAT test usually has questions of which it asks the subject of the test. The questions involve categorization of either images or words that appear on the screen of the computer only by touching the keyboard. The categorization is then combined to become one, and here it needs some cognitive gymnastics. The questions are subdivided into seven blocks where one has to complete all the blocks so as the IAT test to be complete.;

I have personally taken the Race Implicit-Association Test where I have been involved in answering the questions that have been divided into seven blocks. The blocks that I started with had different questions, and when I was nearly completing, the questions were combined. During the whole process, I identified the test not to be color blind. This has been contributed to by the fact that in consideration of all aspects, racial categories should be considered so as to input equality of both parties that is the white and the black people.;

The result of my test was that my data suggested that there should be an automatic preference that is moderate for African American children in comparison to the European American children. After my response to the Implicit-Association Test, my identity has not changed. This has been contributed to the by the outcome of my test which was suggesting that there should be a moderate automatic preference for African American children as compared to that of the European American children whereas according to my perspective, there should be a total automatic preference for both parties.;

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