Writing inspiration – Term Paper

Fighting writers block is one of the hardest things to overcome. You try to grab an idea that works and nothing comes to mind. When you finally do catch that perfect concept, usually you can take off running like cheetah chasing a gazelle. That is not the only problem you face though. You must not only have a great starting point, but also, you must structure and develop a unique interesting piece that captures the reader`s attention. Like a great work of art, it takes one stroke at a time. Getting to the point at hand, to locate my motivation and influence for writing comes from three core thoughts; the level of interest on a selected subject, research and knowledge of the material and a clear mind.

The first concept is having passion and a direct connection to the subject being written about. Whether the writing topic is given or chosen, there must be a level of interest in what is going to be written. For example if I were to write about the Military and the positive effects it has had on my life, I could more than likely write a book about it. If I were asked to write about crocheting, I would not know where to begin. I would have to stretch what I do know further than silly putty to get even a decent essay. Which is why I would have to do the leg work to research the subject.

That brings me to my second opinion of having knowledge on the subject being written about. If you have absolutely no idea what you are supposed to be writing about, you must gain the knowledge on it. Anyone with a creative mind could ramble on about most anything, but to have an effective essay you need to know what you are writing about. I am able to write extensively about soccer and how it is played because I know the subject by heart. If my essay and writing subject was on architecture, I would have to research. I would have to look up “Art Deco” or “Victorian” just to get a starting point. Without knowledge on the subject you will not make it very far in your writing. This is why if you are attending college you have to research the material, I guarantee an essay will be mandatory.

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The last point I want to make is that you must have a clear level headed mind when working on writing. You cannot be inspired if you have a hundred things going on in your mind. You must have a clear and concise idea so that you can properly write. If you need to write about the “steps taken in order to build a car”, you cannot be thinking about what time you have to pick up your kids, and when are the bills due and how much and do you have enough in the bank. All those side problems will prevent you from writing clearly and correctly about the subject. It clouds up your mind. You must take a deep breath and focus on writing subject at hand.

In short it takes a lot of different approaches to be inspired when writing. Everyone has their own methods. For me writing well takes passion on the subject, knowledge of the assignment and a clear head. Writing this essay, it took me all three. With any luck my concepts will be clearly shown through my text. If I am lucky I will have represented them to perfection as well.