Term Paper on Biometrics

Term Paper:

Biometrics is the system of identification of people on the basis of one or several physical or behavioral features. In the sphere of IT biometric data is used as a form of the identification control and the access control. In addition, biometrics is used for the monitoring of the people who are under the constant observation of the police. Biometric data can be divided into physiological and behavioral. Physiological information is connected with the physiological characteristics of the human organism: finger prints, the identification of face, eye, hand, smell, voice, etc. Behavioral information is more abstract and complicated and includes the type of speech, pace, etc.

There are many advantages of biometric appliances and techniques. First of all it is its universality, because everyone is unique and it is impossible to confuse the finger prints or DNA of two people.

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Then, the information is stable, because the human characteristics, like prints and DNA do not change with age and are unique and recognizable till the end on the human life. Besides, the advantage of biometrics is its easiness. One it is quite easy to identify an eye, face, finger prints and the procedure is fast, reliable and cheap. It is obvious that biometrics is applied for the purposes of the primary importance. For example, every serious company which wants to protect the access on its territory or its certain sectors where the important data is stored uses the technologies of biometrics. In addition, the individuals who want to protect their property from the third people can use biometrics in order to limit the access to their home, automobiles, planes, ships, etc.

Biometrics is the important and useful system of identification which is applied in various spheres.

When students have to prepare biometrics term paper, they are supposed to study the topic in detail, get to know about the meaning of the term ‘biometrics’, classify the system according to its types and purposes and dwell on the strong and weak sides of biometrics. One should use only the up-to-date information about biometrics, because the technology develops rapidly and all the time there are innovations and improvements of its methodology. Students are expected to evaluate the usefulness of biometrics in various spheres of the human life and support their opinion with the reliable arguments.

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