Term Paper on Kerberos

Term Paper:

Kerberos is a communications protocol of authentication, which enables to transmit data along the unprotected networks for the safe identification. The protocol is oriented on the client-server model and maintains the mutual authentication – both users confirm each other’s identity through the server. This model is one of the variants of Needham–Schroeder protocol of authentication on the basis of the trusted third party and its modification suggested by Denning and Sacco. The history of the creation of Kerberos is quite interesting. First of all there was introduced Project Athena by the group of the computer manufacturers in 1983. Its main aim was to introduce computers into the process of education and improvement of the student’s performance and improvement of the educational system in the whole. Though the project was educational, several software products are used behind this sphere even now (for example, X Window System).

The standard communications protocols of remote login of that time sent the data in the open way.

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Moreover, the servers like Rlogin accepted the identification data blindfold. As a result, everyone was able to get access to the information stored at the databases of the server and if the user was dishonest, he could use the private information for his own benefit. Sometimes, students and teachers discovered that their scientific work, dissertations and other serious academic papers were plagiarized and rewritten by the unfair users who had the free access towards the server. In order to solve the problem with Project Athena the experts worked out the special protocol – Kerberos (a mythical three-headed dog, which protected the enter to Hades’ adobe).

Kerberos is a special communications protocol which maintains appropriate authentication of the users who try to get the access to the network. The student who is writing a detailed term paper about the matter is supposed to observe the principle of work of the protocol, its structure, the history and the cause of its creation and evaluate its effectiveness on the example of the definite cases.

Moreover, it is reasonable to dwell on the details and types of Kerberos and define the spheres of its application, its usefulness, etc. In addition, the young person has to summarize the paper, provide the reader with the arguments and evidence, tables and graphs which prove his point of view.

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