Gay Marriage – Term Paper

 Over the last two decades, several legislations have been enacted across the states to legalize or criminalize marriage between persons of the same gender. The implications of such legislations climaxed in 2015 when the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex unions are legal rights across the US. The ruling elicits mixed reactions from the American Society.

Gay marriages eliminate legal discrimination of citizens in a free democracy. The unions allow people to enjoy fundamental rights as provided for in the US constitution through emotional expressions and personal commitments to their partners (Liptak, 2015). In effect, such persons can enjoy inheritance and medical benefits that straight citizens enjoy.

Research has shown that gay marriage has health benefits for the individuals involved. According to Nutt (2015), gay unions reduce the chances of suffering from psychiatric disorders due to the limitations to express their emotions to the persons they love. According these individuals the right to marry fosters personal well-being and happiness as gay tendencies are reflections of individuals’ sexual behaviors rather than personal choices. However, several issues abound about gay unions.

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Gay marriages isolate the institution of marriage from its purpose of procreation. According to Family Research Council (2016), such marriages only serve the emotional aspects of the interested persons. The Council contends that these unions have a bearing on the social, political and economic development of the country as replacement fertility rates drop with the proliferation of such marriages. As a result, the continuity of a nation would be affected as generations perpetuating each other decrease.

Same-sex marriages are more likely to engender parenting issues in the family. A body of research shows that couples achieve adequate parenting when they perform typical gender roles. For instance, scientific research suggests that fathers are at a better position of managing social and emotional challenges that boys face during puberty than mothers (Family Research Council, 2016).

In conclusion, gay marriage allows gay citizens to enjoy fundamental rights as provided for in the constitution. Also, same-sex marriages confer health benefits to the involved partners. However, such marriages undermine the social and economic development of the country through limitations on the population growth. Similarly, children in same-sex families are more likely to experience parenting disorders. Essentially, what is needed is a framework (incorporating economic and social aspects of the American society) that would protect the rights of gay persons as well as safeguard the future interests of the family and the nation.


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