Term Paper on Early Marriage

Marriage Term Paper:

Early marriage is process when young people get married under the marriageable age. This type of marriage was very popular in Europe when the duration of life was not as long as people have nowadays, so people had to get married as early as possible. The nobility used the privilege of early marriages to improve their position in the society and to set up any conflicts with the other noble families. A count could allow his young daughter to marry a son of another nobleman and bind the families and gain privileges in the court if the latter had good relations with the king.

Naturally, nearly every early marriage had a commercial background and the topic of love was hardly mentioned in that circumstances. Early marriages are popular even today in Asia (especially the Philippines), Oceania, Africa, South America, etc.

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Generally young girls are given to grown-up men as wives and this action is believed to be a regular traditional thing and the characteristic feature of the culture. Early marriages are generally based on the female virginity, which is considered to be the key point of a good young wife, so men choose girls while they are just children and marry them. In spite of being a traditional phenomenon early marriage is becoming less frequent due to the development of the advocacy of the protection of human rights and women’s and children’s rights. International organizations try to reduce the number of early marriages, because such a marriage is a shock for a girl who has no rights to present her own opinion about her marriage.

Early marriage is the tradition of great number of countries but, evidently, this phenomenon breaks human rights and often has a bad impact on the young wife. Students who try to investigate the aspects and key points of the process of early marriages will have to spend much time to collect reliable data to improve their knowledge about the topic. It is important to research the problem from all sides and find any advantages and disadvantages, study the phenomenon from the physiological and psychological point of view. A smart student should analyze the problem scrupulously and draw interesting conclusions which can summarize the topic professionally.

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