Term Paper on Homosexuality

Term Paper:

Homosexuality is the type of sexuality of a person, which is based on the preference of the representative of the same gender for sexual relations and romantic love. Homosexuality has always existed in the human society and the attitude towards it has always been different. For example, in ancient Greece, homosexuality or the love between two men or two women was considered to be a norm; no wonder many reputed famous ancient philosophers were homosexuals and had young male lovers. The first example of the homosexual love between two women was first introduced by the ancient Greek poetess Sappho in her poems. On the other hand, the attitude towards homosexuality in other parts of the world of that time was completely negative.

The attitude did not change till the time when the human civilization has become developed enough. The attitude of people of Western Europe and the USA towards homosexuality is tolerant and many countries allow homosexuals live together and even get married. The attitude of the people of Asia and Africa is still negative, because homosexuality does not meet with the culture and traditions of these parts of the world. Moreover, the attitude of the religious organizations is also completely negative and the church does not allow gay marriages. Homosexuals have been abused for quite a long period of time and now they demand respect and the ability to create families and adopt children. Nowadays they have respects but very few countries permit gay marriages and adoption of children by homosexuals.

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Homosexuality has become a popular topic, because gays demand respect everywhere and every day. If one wants to complete a good homosexuality term paper, he is obliged to do much work and research the topic profoundly. One should investigate the nature of homosexuality, the psychology of homosexuals, and the attitude of the general public towards them. Moreover, it is interesting and useful to provide a historical background of homosexuality and the attitude of the public to it through the centuries. A student will have to find any international organizations which support homosexuals and protect their rights and describe their activity. In the end, it is important to summarize the topic professionally predicting the possible situation connected with the rights of gays and gay marriages in the world.

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