What is organizational communication

The organisational communication based on Don Augustine’s Axel corporation in Cleveland has got a miss at one point in its functioning. This problems will always lead the organisation astray if no changes are made. Some of the challenges that are faced in Don Augustine’s Axel Corporation include unfair crediting of employees, openness of employees, distance between organisational units, expectations of the organisation and unknown plan for the future of the organisation. 

Organizational communication approaches and processes

Unfair crediting of their employees. Crediting is the act of which one is appreciated by either doing or implementing a new idea to a success in an organisation. Most of the time the technical or the lower ranked employees will come up with an idea which they work on it tirelessly until it is a success (Thayer 1997). Carol worked so hard and knew that she will be promoted but instead Don was promoted and brought in from another station and took the position. Because it has been a success the organisation decides to credit them but instead of giving credit to the right individual, it is then directed to the wrong person mostly to the top management like saying the managers who take the credit for the work they didn’t do. This is always a case when a manager decides to take the work done by his employees and then put it on them pinning down the employee in a manner that they threaten the employee. It can also happen when a manager takes credit and later on relieves the employee of their duties indefinitely. This is seen when Carol Simpson and Jack Riley had worked so hard hoping that they will be considered for the managerial position which latter wasn’t given to them. This can be dealt with in a manner that the management to employ external auditors who overlook on all the activities happening in the organisation. This should be done in such a way that it will be independent, not related or attached to the management of the host organisation.

Employees in the company not open to each other Openness is an essential component among people in the same workplace. This is whereby workers trust each other in a way that they easily share and flow information without any difficulty. Openness among the employees is a hindrance that will automatically create distance among the workers. This is as a result of lack of trust in certain members and also at times the managers (Thayer 1997). This is aided when one acts or he or she is given an opportunity that they didn’t deserve. This is where Don Augustine was given the managerial post which his fellow staffs thought that he didn’t deserve. This lead to his staff losing trust in him thus limiting and not sharing information with him freely. This can easily be prevented by the organisation carefully appointing and allocating of posts depending on qualifications and trust by other employees. This can be put in action by carefully scrutinising of individuals who will suit the position.

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The distance between the organisation units of Axel Corporation. The distance between organisational units or working stations also affects the organisational communication. This is also aided when Don was transferred from Los Angeles to Cleveland. This is whereby information from the main organisation may not reach the substations in time thus inconveniencing the other station. This maybe because of lack of appropriate technology which breaks down the communication (Thayer 1997). Poor postal and fax services which delay the information. Proper technological innovation should be implemented so as to curb the communication breakdown. This innovation should be implemented by the organisation in a way that it should keenly follow the new trends of communication and also try to upgrade their own systems to the latest versions. This can always be put in place by both the main organisation down to the substations of the same organisation thus improving the communication of all its substations with the main organisation.

Communication in organizations

Expectations of the organisation are not clear cut. The Axel cooperation in Cleveland does not clearly outline its expectations as an organisation. This is the prospects of the future of the organisation. This is whereby the organisation is not clearly outlining its expectations on critical issues concerning the organisation and more so the workers at large (Thayer 1997). This is whereby Carol Simpson and Jack Riley applied for the managerial position hoping that they had the necessary requirement thus they will be hired but they were never hired, instead the organisation hired Don Augustine who had no equal competencies with them. This was because the organisation didn’t clearly outline what their expectations for the managerial post. This could not have caused mistrust among the employees if at all the organisation could have clearly outlined the expectations they wanted for a suitable candidate. The organisation should draft a clear expectation of how it is going to be promoting and hiring new staffs.

Unknown plan for the future. The plan is a well-drafted guideline that guides one or an organisation on what it expects you to do in the near future. Each organisation has to have a plan that it tends to follow always in its endeavours (Thayer 1997). Don Augustine’s organisation had no clear set plan that he would follow and that is why he set up a meeting with his staff so as to get to know what plan was already in store. The organisation failed to prepare a plan for its workers thus leaving the task for Don. The organisation should always be drawing a plan for every start of a financial year. This may be achieved by setting up a board meeting and even annual general meetings so as to be setting up its plans.


Axel Corporation has to clearly set up a plan on how to improve the communication among its members. This should be done by ensuring that the organisation taps all the new technology that will improve the communication in the organisation. Organisation should be drawing plans and expectation for the future of the organisation. This can be achieved by planning for a general meeting and also board meetings that will draw plans and expectations for the organisation. The organisation should entrust its employees in a way that it also compensates its employees handsomely.


In conclusion, the Axel Corporation has to put strategies in place so as to see that the trust among its workers is restored and them working together. This will be aided when communication is well linked up to all its substations. Treating its workers equally and with the degree they require.


Thayer, L. (1997). Organization – communication : emerging perspectives. Norwood, NJ: Ablex Publ. Corp