Term Paper on Technology in Modern Communication

in Modern Communication Term Paper:

Communication is the use of technologies for the connection of people who communicate from two different points. There are many means of communication and they have survived a long history and numerous improvements of their technologies. The modern means of communication are quite varied due to the development of technologies, hard work of sciences and engineers.

Technologies play the major role in the modern communication, because the current society lives in the dynamic time when everything should be done rapidly and effectively. In addition, today information is the most valuable resource and it is important to transmit this resource in the appropriate way, efficiently and rapidly. Scientists and engineers work hard to introduce innovations into the sphere of communications and new and new appliances appear constantly.

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The modern means of communication are closely connected with the progress in the development of cellular communication and the Internet.

Today people are able to communicate with the help of cell phones, smart phones, personal computer, laptops, consoles, etc. There are many appliances which possess functions of the quality communication. For example, with the help of the simplest cell phone it is possible to make audio calls, send SMS, MMS, etc. The more quality device broadens the user’s opportunities and he can send instant messages, chat, send emails. There are many computer programmes apps which ensure the user with the quality means of communication: audio and video. The advantage of the modern technologies in communication is that the person is able to communicate from any part of the world, where there is the access to the Internet.

Technology in modern communication is the important and interesting topic for the discussion, because students have the opportunity to improve their knowledge about the complex system of modern communication, high-tech devices which ensure the quality of the transmission of information. The student is asked to present the up-to-date facts about the history of the development of the technology in communication, the strong and weak sides of the most widespread devices, the functions and aspects of modern communication, etc. Furthermore, the student is supposed to demonstrate the methodology of writing, the sources used for the research and predict the further development of communication technology.

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