Native American History in the United States – Term Paper

The First Americans

The first people to inhabit America were the North American Indians around 30,000 years ago. The Paleo-Indians were the ancestors of the Native Americans. The First Americans developed creative and inventive culture. They cultivated crops, domesticated animals, built cities as well as developing and constructing wide system varieties of political and social organizations.

Colonization in America

In the 17th Century, England established first and permanent colonies in the North of America. The colonization of America by the British started off in Virginia in 1607, then to Plymouth Settlement in 1620 and later on reached the New York in 1626. The colonialists advanced the American economy and structured it around widely isolated tobacco plantations. The British also developed religion in the colonies they acquired in America.

Revolution of America

The revolution by the Americans against the British was the first form of the modern revolution. The revolution dates back to 1736 when the British leaders tightened the imperial reins. The harmonious relationship between the colonies and the British turned conflict-rive with time. The revolution was necessary as it initiated the road to the freedom of America.

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Constitution of America

The constitution of America has seven written articles. The constitution of America was written in 1787, and it was known as Constitution Convention as it was drafted in the Philadelphia Convention. The Constitution is important as it helps we the American people form a perfect Union, insure domestic Tranquility, welfare promotion a well as the provision of common defense.

American Nationalism

America Nationalism is the firm belief that Americans have in that the interests of America are of primary importance. Under nationalism, Americans believe that they constitute an independent nation which is not under foreign domination since they share a common culture, language, and history. American Nationalism has united America or a common goal of protecting and developing America. 

Jacksonian Democracy

Jackson Democracy was the political movement between the years of 1824 to 1860. The movement was geared towards the democracy of the common man as typified by Andrew Jackson and his supporters. The importance of Jacksonian Democracy is that it campaigned for equality of all people with no special privileges awarded to a few individuals in America.

Manifest Destiny

The Manifest Destiny was a magazine written by John L. O’ Sullivan in 1845. The magazine stated that the expansion of the US across the American continents was an inevitable and a justified move by the Americans. Americans at that time believed they were the chosen Israel of their time. This idea inspired the missionaries, pioneers, and farmers to go largely to develop other places.

American Slavery

6% of the 10 to 16 million African slaves who survived the New World voyage arrived in the US. By the year 1860, two-thirds of all the slaves in the New World lived in South America. Only the slaves with medical complications were freed by their master. The slavery was necessary for that the slaves provided cheap and free labor which helped advance America’s development.

The U.S. Civil War

The American Civil War a public battle fought in the US between 1861 and 1865. The first battle was the Battle of Ford Sumter, and the last one was Battle of Palmito Ranch under President Abraham Lincoln. The Union was facing secessionists from the Confederate States of America. However, the Union won the battle. Lincoln was against slavery, so his triumph helped the slaves gain some freedom.

Restoration of America

The restoration of America began during the Civil War and ended in the year 1877. During the reconstruction, America experienced its first interracial democracy. The role of the government of protecting the rights of the citizens became well defined. The slaves acquired freedom and had a right to claim their rights in America. However, some issues in the reconstruction like economic and racial justice are yet to be fully resolved.

A Smaller School History of the United States, From the Discovery of America To 1877

David B. Scott in his book A Smaller School History of the United States, From the Discovery of America to 1877 documents voluminous amount of information pertaining the major events in the history of the United States. In this case, the book documents important events as per their perpetrators and also infer their importance and relevance to what the US has developed into. However, the major question is whether the book is valid and reliable enough to be used in the studies of US history which are the major purpose of this essay.

Notably, the book has enlisted and summarized the major that date as far as 1492, 1607 on to the period in the 1870’s. The book notes significant and turns taking events such as the US Constitution and the reign of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. It further documents the colonial history of the country all such that it talks of New England Colonies, the Middle Colonies, and the extreme southern colonies. Even better, the book gives an overview of general reflections on colonial history which creates a connection with the state of the current US. Importantly also, the book records some the important explorations that are crucial in the history of the US.

In conclusion, the book is a remarkable record of the US history recording some of the most important defining moments and events for what is now the present US. Therefore, yes, the book should be used as a textbook for the study of history. Considering that the book was published in the late 1880s makes it more valid and reliable as a source of history for learning in schools.

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