Global Challenges in Higher Education – Term Paper

What is Higher Education?

Higher education refers to any qualification which one attains after she has completed high school education. High school finalists often apply for a tertiary level education to pursue a course in a college, a university, professional school and technical schools.  Higher education is defined as institutions of learning which admit students of a different nationality who would pursue different courses in diploma, undergraduate degrees, master’s degrees and the degree of doctor of philosophy and professional certificates (Slowey; Watson, 2003). This study focuses on global challenges in higher education sector.

Students go overseas to study for various reasons from student view is better quality, higher status, and job opportunities; institutional view, budget improvements, status upgrade and political view; linkage build up, budget increases. Irrespective of all this respective the higher education face the challenges. The ever increasing opportunity costs for international students make them keep adjusting resources and sent money from home so as to meet the costs (Zgaga; Brennan, 2015). There arises uncertainty in outcomes like the student being suspended from the institution for violation of college rules and regulation. Some students will find themselves in trouble if her country of origin ends their political ties.

According to Allen; Teranishi (2006), opines that culture poses a challenge in the institution of higher learning. Globally, every country has a different curriculum for its programs it offers in higher education course. It means that one has to learn and adopt the new culture abroad to be able to complete his or her course successfully. The would raise a challenge of brain drain from one country to another country. The state can lose heavily on remittance from abroad in case of change of citizenship by its students studying abroad.;;

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The change in technology has led many taught courses in the universities useless since some careers now can be made by robots and invented systems which handle accounting work and bookkeeping jobs. Lastly, there has been a challenge of skill required by employer and graduates.;




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