This chapter seeks to highlight the company’s marketing and sales plan regarding pricing, sales tactics, distribution strategy, and advertising and promotional strategies.

6.1 Pricing 

Pricing of the company’s products will be determined by the type of product being sold, the economic cost of importing the product, the current economic status and the inflation rates. However, G2V has ensured that the general costs of its products are low as compared to those being offered in the market by other firms.

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The firm also has a discounting policy that ensures that a client who makes large orders get discounts which are calculated at a rate that should not exceed 10% of the initial cost of the product.

6.2 Sales Tactics 

The selling method that is used by the company in the selling of its products is both the direct and indirect sale tactic. Where the clients can buy the service directly from the company either in person or through online shopping or purchase the products indirectly through the company’s agents, who have been authorized to sell the products on behalf of the enterprise.

6.3 Distribution of the product through the online platform (

The product distribution/delivery process will begin by the customer requesting for the purchase of a particular product. The product is then prepared for delivery and then it is delivered after which the customer pays for the delivered product. 

 The Product Delivery Process

 There will be external factors that are likely to affect our service delivery process. These will be the competition that will be brought about by the competitors that are in the same market.

There will also be the inflation effects that will be incurred in the course of the business operations so as to deliver the intended service. These will by the increment of on tax on imported products as well as the equipment used for product delivery.

To minimise the impact caused by these factors that are most likely to affect the product delivery process, the business will be setting aside a sum of money in their monthly budget that will cater for any other unexpected costs and any inflation.

The business will also have to be on top of the market so as to be on top of the competitors that are bringing about stiff competition.

6.4 Distribution Strategy

To curb the high costs of distributing the products in the country for example to clients who are far away from the distribution point. The company will have to establish more branches thereby bringing the products close to the consumers for a smooth delivery.

6.5 Advertising and Promotional Strategies

 Advertising Strategy

The advertising strategy will be based on different media that will be used to advertise the products/services offered by the business. They will include the broadcasting media which includes mainly television, newspapers magazines, business cards, social media platforms, etc

While advertising, the product will be portrayed as a quality product and that that will be affordable to the targeted market. Advertising will be done on a monthly basis where it will be running on weekly basis twice per week. This will be for three months after the commencing of the proposed business.

This will ensure that the company attract new customers and retains its existing ones with the aim of controlling a larger share of the market.

The Promotion Strategy

The promotional strategy to be used by the firm is to offer significant discounts for orders, therefore, enticing clients to purchase their printer cartridges from G2V Trading. The company can also supply its products on credit to creditworthy customers and thus be in a position of attracting new and potential clients.