Global Climate Changes Sample – Term Paper

What is climate changes

Climate change is real and serious. If the world is not careful, the global warming effect may reach a level where controlling it will be challenging. However, with the advanced technology, detecting the adverse effects and finding the right solution is possible. Researchers have been working on stabilization wedges. It is important to reduce the GHG emissions from various sources rather than relying on enormous change from a single area

The proper way to prevent global warming to reduce the amount of heat-trapping emissions in the atmosphere. The government can reduce cases of deforestation in the country and encourage reforestation. Trees are essential in balancing the climate and keeping it cleans. Proper laws and regulations can be established to ensure that the process of cutting trees is controlled. Individuals can take the responsibility of planting trees on their farms. Besides, trees give a beautiful natural look to the environment, and people can take personally just to achieve personal satisfaction.

However, to fully address the issue, world leaders must be at the forefront to set comprehensive solutions. There should be a limit on the amount of carbon that industries are allowed to emit failure to which they face the law. Additionally, countries must invest in efficient energy technologies that facilitate a clean energy economy. Using renewable energy will ensure that the environment stays clean. Countries like Germany have invested in renewable energy and it other countries can follow suit. Experts should teach the public that fossil fuels such as gasoline and natural gas raise the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which in turn affects the global warming increases the greenhouse effects. Individuals can reduce global warming at a personal level by using energy more wisely. There are simple actions that individuals can take to reduce the level of global warming. They include reducing, reusing and recycling products. One can choose to buy reusable products instead of disposables. One can propose to establish a recycling plant for most of the household wastes which can save the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. People can start using less heat and air conditioning by adding insulation materials on house walls can lower the cost of heating. Changing light bulbs and replacing them with LED bulbs which is cost effective. 

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The international community is also upping the game to reduce global warming since the international energy agency warned about the world’s fast approach to tripping point regarding the climatic change.; The EPA set new rules and standards to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere from power plants. The plan is called the clean energy plan which is significant in reducing the adverse consequences of global warming. The agency can follow up to ensure that all countries in the world have already established policies that help to curb the global warming process. All countries and states must be compelled to commit to taking necessary actions to reduce global warming. All states must give funds that can help to address climate change. These efforts can be translated into operational guidelines if all countries agree to a detailed set of the guideline. New mechanisms must be established to help developing countries speed up the process of deploying clean energy.