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[pic] [pic] [pic] Submitted To: Farhana Nur Malik Course Teacher Human resource Management BBS Department BRAC University Submitted By: Tasnuva Rubaiyat ID: 07104056 Maria Mostafizar ID: 07104071 Abu Sakib Abdullah ID: 07110056 Charisma Ali ID: 07104015 Mofliha Masnoon ID: 07104030 Section : 002 Date of Submission: 09. 04. 2009 Course ID: MGT 301 Course Name: Human Resource Management Letter of transmittal 09th April, 2009 To Farhana Nur Malik Course Instructor BRAC Business School

BRAC University Subject: Submission of Term Paper “Compare and Contrast Personnel Forecasting and Recruitment Process” (MGT-301) Dear Madam, It is a great pleasure that we are finally submitting our final Term Paper “Compare and Contrast Personnel Forecasting and Recruitment Process”. The practical exposure while working on this paper helped our team to bridge the academic work and the practical knowledge. We were very fortunate to have worked with some experienced professionals in Grameenphone and Aktel while gathering the relevant data for this report.

We tried our best to furnish this report with all the relevant information and facts and also tried to raise the right questions. But we do acknowledge that many anomalies might arise, which we are willing to change in light of further in-depth research or information. We will welcome any clarification and suggestion regarding this report. Thanking you. Sincerely yours, Mofliha Masnoon ID: 07104030………………………… Tasnuva Rubaiyat ID: 07104056 ………………………… Maria Mostafizar ID: 07104071…………………………

Abu Sakib Abdullah ID: 07110056 ………………………… Charisma Ali ID: 07104015 ………………………… Acknowledgement: First of all we are graceful to almighty God for giving us the power to finish our term paper with a well established way and at a perfect or schedule time period. To make a report, it needs a lot of information, effort, link, member’s coordination and so on. The main purpose of this report is Compare and Contrast Personnel Forecasting and Recruitment Process of Grameenphone and Aktel.

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To make this a report all the thanks goes to Aneeq Hossain Chowdhury, officer, employee branding and Ahmed Shihab (executive-sales and marketing) because they helped us a lot about giving information of Grameenphone and Aktel(respectively) . They gave us long patient hearing and sitting, practical orientation and answering our numerous quarries nicely. Executive Summary: Telecom sector, now-a-days, have big contribution in national economy. All sorts of economic and financial activities revolve round the axis of the tele-com sector.

As the industry produces goods and commodities, so this sector creates and controls money-market and promotes formation of capital. From this point of view, tele-com-a technical profession- can be termed as industry. Services to its customers are the products of tele-communication industry besides being a pivotal factor in promoting capital formation in the country. In this report, we have attempted to find out the recruitment process and personnel forecasting of both Aktel and Grameenphone, and tried to compare the similarities and differences between the companies.

We have focused on the management process and human resource sector of both of the companies and also on Personnel Forecasting and Recruitment Process. The report contains the procedure and the methods use by the HR department of Grameenphone and Aktel. As this was an internal in formations, not shared to the outsiders most of the time was spent on gathering the mentioned information’s. Main analysis is done by relating the theory with the real process and how they do it according to their preference. Table of Contents: Table of Charts And Illustrations:

List of Abbreviations: |GP |Grameenphone | |HRIS |Human Resource Information System | |HR |Human Resource | |Tele-com |Tele communication | pic] 1. 1 Background of the Report: The term paper is prepared for Farhana Nur Malik, the course instructor of undergraduate program, School of Business at BRAC University. This report is prepared as a partial requirement of Human Resource Management (MGT-301) course during the spring 2009 and submitted at the same semester. Following the standard procedure and instruction given by the course instructor does this formal report. 1. 2 Introduction:

This report is based on the analysis “Compare and Contrast Personnel Forecasting and Recruitment Process” of Grameenphone and Aktel. As our course requirement was to study and overall Compare and Contrast Personnel Forecasting and Recruitment Process of any organization under two same industries so we have selected Grameenphone and Aktel as our project area. Grameenphone is the leading company in our telecommunications sector and Aktel is the third big company. It is natural that the Recruitment Process they follow is very experienced and at the same time effective.

We believe studying the Recruitment Process of Grameenphone and Aktel and making a compare and contrast would give us a comprehensive understanding of the current Personnel Forecasting and Recruitment Process of telecommunications industry. 1. 3 Objectives: We have divided the objective of this report into two parts. One is general and the other is more specific. These objectives are stated below: 1. 3. 1General objectives General objective of this report is to conduct a study on the recruitment Process of Grameenphone and Aktel.

We aimed to understand the current recruitment concepts of Grameenphone and Aktel. Again we wanted to study a company which is long experienced and thus provide services and maintain HRM processing the basis of good efficient knowledge. 1. 3. 2 Specific Objectives: • To give detailed information about Personnel Forecasting and Recruitment Process of the companies Grameenphone and Aktel. • To focus on which tools are used by them and how frequently they do Personnel Forecasting. • What are the internal and external sources of candidates? To make a compare and contrast to know which companies method is better and what improvement they need. • How they build a pool of qualified candidates. • What are the factors that have impact on their recruitment process? • Show how this activities relate with the organization overall strategy and objective. • To know how affectively these activity work for the company. • To focus on the extent and nature of any formal evaluation of the activity’s effectiveness. 1. 4Scope: We believe that the future scope of this report can be of very wide range.

As telecommunication sector is one of the prestigious sectors in Bangladesh so knowledge of HRM concepts of this sector is very helpful regarding to have an overall idea on HRM trend and about Personnel Forecasting and Recruitment Process in Bangladesh. Our report also provides a clear and specific idea of the current about Personnel Forecasting and Recruitment Process of Grameenphone and Aktel. So it will also help any person who wants to enter job market in Bangladesh especially in Telecommunications sector.

Again further research with this report can provide innovative ideas and suggestions for developing about Personnel Forecasting and Recruitment Process of Grameenphone and aktel in Bangladesh. 1. 5Methodology: Methodology reveals the entire process that is followed for the completion of the study successfully. We have collected our data from both primary source and secondary source. 1. 5. 1Primary source: For our primary source of information we also interviewed some honorable employees of HRM division of Grameenphone and Aktel.

Also we have talked to some of their respective employees who are currently working with them in order to gather more information. 1. 5. 2Secondary source: We have mostly used our textbooks and the Internet as the vehicle of the secondary source. Then we have study the gathered data and find the actual information of our research. 1. 6Limitations: We acknowledge that our report is not a comprehensive representation of all the information regarding Personnel Forecasting and Recruitment Process of Grameenphone and Aktel.

These discrepancies are primarily due to the fact that Grameenphone does not want to disclose certain valuable information as they want to protect their intellectual property. Regardless, we have furnished the report to the best of our ability and we are willing to change any part of our report in light of new and credible information. The major limitation factor for this report was primarily the reluctance and strict devotion to confidentiality maintenance attitude show by the officials of AKTEL mobile company. Moreover, some information was withheld to preserve privacy of the company.

So, we can’t give the exact information always. Most of all we had very little time to finish this project. If we had some time more the project could have been better. 1. 7 Contact Person: Aneeq Hossain Chowdhury officer, employee branding Grameenphone Limited Ahmed Shihab Executive, sales and marketing Aktel [pic] [pic] [pic] 2. 1About the company Grameenphone: Grameenphone Ltd. , the largest telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh, received its operating license in November 1996 and started its service from March 26, 1997, the Independence Day of Bangladesh.

Now, after 11 years of successful operations, Grameenphone is the largest mobile phone service provider in Bangladesh, with more than 18 million subscribers as of May 2008. Grameenphone provides services to rural and urban customers across Bangladesh, where mobile telephony is acknowledged as a significant driver of socio-economic development, both for individuals and the nation. Grameenphone (GP) today is apparently the largest mobile telecommunication industry in Bangladesh. It operates its function with an aim to accomplish two principal targets.

Firstly, as with other commercial organizations, it operates in such a manner that it receives a good economic return on the investment. Nonetheless, secondly, it contributes significantly to the economic development of the country in making telecommunication a popular medium for exchange of information. 2. 2Vision: “We are here to HELP” the vision of Grameenphone. They says that- We exist to help our customers get the full benefit of communications services in their daily lives. We want to make it easy for customers to get what they want, when they want it. . 3Mission: “We will lead the industry and exceed customer expectations by providing the best wire less services, making life and business easier. ” 2. 4Values: MAKE IT EASY We are practical. Everything we produce should be easy to understand and use. Because we never forget we are trying to make our customers’ lives easier. BE INSPIRING We are creative. We bring energy and imagination to our work. We want to be a partner in the development of our community. We are passionate about our business, customers and our country. KEEP PROMISES

Everything we set out to do should work. If it does not, we are there to put things right. We are about delivery, not over promising – actions not words. BE RESPECTFUL We acknowledge and respect the local culture. We are respectful and professional in regard to all our interactions, both internally and externally. We are open, helpful and friendly 2. 5 About Human Resource Division of the company: The duty of HR division of Grameenphone is to analyze and determine how many employees they need and in which sector they should be appointed.

This is very important part as upon which the further Process is determined. The whole recruitment process depends on their overall set goal of the company and should comply with company’s strategic objective. They have their very own HR department since the beginning of the company which with the span of time expanded in larger form 2002. They have around 60 employees in their HR division. 2. 6 Importance of HR division in the company: To run a company successfully and meet organizations goal it is very important to have right employees at the right position.

Grameenphone mission is “We will lead the industry and exceed customer expectations by providing the best wire less services, making life and business easier. ” The mission states that they will mostly concentrate on their customers to provide a world class service to them. For that they will need a large amount of qualified workforce and right employee for the right position. So, HR division is really important for them. The major work of their HR division is recruitment, selection, training, providing benefits to motivate them, and developing performance appraisal method etc.

The entire process is to attain the goal of the company through hiring right employees in the right position. 2. 7 Duties and responsibilities of HR division of Grameenphone: • To build a pool of qualified candidates through external and internal recruitment process. • To select right employees for the right position. • To design orientation programs for the new employees. • Developing different benefits program to motivate the employees. • To forecast the need of employees through HR planning. 2. 8 HR Mission: Ensure improved business performance and competitive advantage by attracting, developing and retaining people in a winning culture that builds organizational capabilities to meet strategic objectives” 2. 9 About the company Aktel: TM International (Bangladesh) Limited (TMIB) is a joint-venture company formed between Telecom Malaysia Berhad and M/S A K Khan Group. TMIB started its commercial operation in Dhaka, Bangladesh as a GSM cellular phone operator in 15th November 1997 with the objective of offering the state-of-the-art and modern telecommunications services to the people of Bangladesh at competitive prices.

With a tremendous response from customers in Dhaka, TMIB has started its operation in Chittagong from 26th March 1998. Finally, these two companies launched a brand product named “AKTEL” in Bangladesh. Aktel is the third largest mobile phone operator in Bangladesh in terms of revenue and subscribers (8. 59 million as of February 2009)[1]. In early 2008 Aktel slipped from the second position to the third after facing fierce competition from banglalink.. AKTEL boasts of the widest international roaming service in the market, connecting 315 operators across 170 countries.

It is the first operator in the country to introduce GPRS. AKTEL uses GSM 900/1800 MHz standard and operates on allocated 12. 8MHz frequency spectrum 2. 10 Vision: To be a leader as a Telecommunication Service Provider in Bangladesh. 2. 11 Mission: AKTEL aims to be achieving its vision through being number “One” not only in terms of market share, but also by being an employer of choice with up-to date knowledge and products geared to address the ever changing needs of our budding nation. 2. 12 Theme: AKTEL always strives to uphold the dictum ‘Customer First’ . 13 Quality Policy: AKTEL is committed to achieving leadership in customer satisfaction by continually improving its processes, products and services to ensure they consistently exceed customers’ requirements. We will develop and implement technology and infrastructure that enable us to be clearly ahead in Bangladesh and to enhance the mobility experience of our customers 2. 14 Major Milestone of the AKTEL : 1. First time introduced the ‘mobile Plus (PSTN Incoming Connectivity only) Product Services’ in Bangladesh. 2.

First time introduced the Tele-Ramadan (Timing of Iftar and Sehri during Ramadan) under Tele-info Services in Bangladesh. 3. First time introduced the Seamless Coverage throughout the Dhaka-Chittagong Highway and named it as ‘Chittagong Dhaka Corridor (CDC)’. 4. First time introduce the full fledged IVR based Customer Services (Call Center) in telecom market. 5. First time introduced cellular services in the most northern part of Bangladesh by launching AKTEL Service in Rangpur and Dinajpur in 2002. 6. TMIB brought Twenty Six (26) Districts and the outskirts under AKTEL network by the end of Year 2002 successfully. . Introduced the automatic system generated bill amount and payment request for the Post-paid subscribers in 2002. The automatic unbarring facility, after necessary payment making by the subscribers, is also a part of this system. 2. 15About Human Resource Division of the company: AKTEL has human resource activity from the very beginning when they first started their operation though earlier they do not have separate HR division. It was working jointly with other division (finance, marketing, administration). The company establishes separate HR Division in January 1998.

They have now 21 employees including those who are working in their head of the department. Their HR head quarter is situated at Malaysia. 2. 16 Importance of HR division in the company: To run the organization operation properly and to achieve the organization’s goals, the organization needs qualified and right employees. HR helps to find the right person for the right job. This is the major work of HR division. Employee recruiting, selection, training, management development, and employee compensation all these things have done under HR division.

To achieve their mission they provide effective training program, design attractive compensation package, provide performance appraisal. These entire things are done for finding the appropriate employee for the organization who can assist organization to accomplish its goal. 2. 17 Duties and responsibilities of HR division of AKTEL: • To perform job Analysis • To get engaged with recruiting and conduct initial screening. • To design the orientation, training and development materials. • To help in designing organization development activities. To work with employee’s compensation and benefit. • To provide sufficient information in order to complete the processing of recruitment and selection. • Duties with Administration sector under AKTEL HR Division: 1. Transportation management 2. Protocol 3. Health and safety of the employee. 2. 18 HR Mission: “To be the employer of choice” [pic] LITERATURE REVIEW Grameenphone: Personnel Forecasting: Grameenphone do their personnel forecasting through their HR planning department. The process of personnel forecasting has to compliance with their strategic objective and goal.

Like in 2008 their goal was to increase sale, in order to full fill it they has to established sales point at different location and to run those sales point they needed huge manpower. On the other hand to handle such a huge base of subscriber they needed lots of people in customer division. So their personnel forecasting would be that will be needed people for sales as well as customer division. Based on the business need, they do HR planning for a calendar year which will go with their strategic objectives and also will help them to attain the goal of the company. They also use different tool to forecast personnel needs of their company- ) Trend analysis: Grameenphone do trend analysis to find out what can be the probable need of employees for each year and for which department they are needed. They go through past data of HR to find out in each time where there is a probability emerging a need for employees. 2) Ratio analysis: Grameenphone do the ratio analysis to find out the ratio between the demand of the product and the resource allocation needed to fulfill that. This ratio helps them to understand what will be the need of manpower in different department and to avoid any unpleasant situation for the company. ) Scatter plot: This tool is used by Grameenphone to understand the relationship between two variables. Like if sales increases how many sales will be needed that can be understood fro ratio analysis but it has impact on customer division also because more customers will have more queries and more problem. In order to solve that they use scatter plot to find out whether they have any relation between two variables or not because if there any relation exist that will have an impact on their HR planning. Sources of recruitment:

Grameenphone pool candidates both from internal and external source. Forecasting the supply of internal candidates: In order to forecast the supply of internal candidates Grameenphone uses some method. They are as follows- Qualification Inventories: GP maintains a record listing employee’s education, their educational background, career and development interests and other skills. This they do in a very manual process like maintaining a normal Microsoft excel file for it, where they will have the information regarding the employees. The information will be very much general not detailed.

Human resource Information system: Basically GP follows a 100% online recruitment process, so major part of their information is managed through Human resource Information system also known as HRIS. When a candidate first apply in GP they had to fulfill a online CV, from where they got a track number and this become their identity for rest the career path in GP. Time to time employees has to update it and they can also apply through this for any vacancy. They also maintain online employee profile to fine out quick information about the employees. Finding Internal Candidates:

For any job vacancies like other companies they first go for internal forecasting of candidates, that is done through the below process- Job Posting: Grameenphone HR posts a job position on intranet of their company. The job posting remains in the site for one week only. And all eligible candidates can apply through their track number for the position. Succession Planning: This is done only for important position of the company to ensure that they never face any lacking of qualified employee for senior or important position. Outside sources of candidates:

College recruiting: Grameenphone go for college recruiting to fulfill the need of entry level jobs. They post a notice on all reputed universities through their respective career service office in order to build a pool of good qualified candidates. Recruiting Via Internet: Basically Grameenphone goes for 100% online recruiting, so their all the job advertisement are posted into career website. Executive Recruiters: To have qualified candidates who are employed and not actively looking to change jobs, executive recruitment is also used as a source of candidates in Grameenphone.

They do it to build a pool of candidate for higher position. Agencies: sometimes Grameenphone goes for different agencies to build a pool of qualified candidates in case of emergency employment need. LITERATURE REVIEW Aktel Personnel Forecasting: To applicant and engaged in recruiting activities. They construct contact with different source and try to build a pool of candidate. They try to assemble candidate for the organization and from them they try to find out the right person. Recruiting is the first step for creating the human resources for the company.

Company can recruit employee when they need. find the appropriate person for the company HR develop source of qualified AKTEL recruit employee during the whole year at different time. They some time recruit employee on quarterly basis or half yearly basis or yearly basis basically depend on their business plan. As AKTEL expanding their business, they need to recruit more people. They forecast their business plan and determine the duties and position before they recruit employee. To find the human resource requirement they consider all three techniques- ) Trend analysis: AKTEL do use trend analysis in order to determine the number of employees needed each period. Because they have to plan for different areas throughout the whole country for which they need to rely on past records of recruiting employees. 2) Ratio analysis: Since, AKTEL is Tele communicating servicing company; it needs to rely on ratio analysis to have proper distribution of employees in sales sector with the comparison of demand of their product and also with the demand of supervisors in each division. 3) Scatter plot: Most of the time, AKTEL uses scatter plot.

The reason behind this is the demand for their brand product. And the demand varies upon the population density, location of that place and their budget to provide service in those areas. Since they have to make plan depending on these factors, they prefer scatter plot to determine the number of employees for recruiting and selecting. Sources of recruitment: AKTEL recruits from both internal and external source. Forecasting the supply of internal candidates: In order to forecast the supply of internal candidates Aktel uses some method. They are as follows-

Qualification Inventories: Aktel maintains record in order to find out what are the educational background and area of interest of the employees. So in future need they can easily fine out list of qualified employees. Position replacement card: AKTEL keeps a record of every employee’s performance evaluation. They evaluate employee before training and after training. They basically evaluate employees on the basis of 3 skills – functional, behavioral and conceptual. After gathering all possible information about their employee’s performance they construct a position replacement card.

They show here possible replacement, present performance and promotion potential. Human resource Information system: Aktel also like other companies accept online applicants and maintain information of candidates through a online process in a computerized way which is also known as Human resource Information system HRIS. Forecasting the supply of outside candidate: AKTEL consider the general market condition, local market condition and occupational market condition when they recruit because it helps them to find whether they have suitable supply of candidate or not.

Finding Internal Candidates: Before hiring the outside candidate an organization should forecast the inside candidate. AKTEL keeps a record of every employee’s performance evaluation By using below process they recruit most of their internal candidate- : Whenever there is a position in the company they put a notice on their intranet in order to give opportunity to eligible employees to apply. This jobs are only available within the organization. Outside sources of candidates: External Source is one of the major sources of recruiting employee for any organization.

An organization may have different types of external sources. AKTEL uses different types of sources to find the candidate for their organization. Under this source, AKTEL follows different kinds of sources that are described below: (1) Advertising: AKTEL uses different types of advertising to recruit employees. They generally go for newspaper advertising and online advertising. Online advertisement are presented by their own website and other websites like www. bdjobs. com. (2) Agencies: AKTEL does not go for Agency recruiting.

Sometimes they take help from foreign agencies when they hire expatriate. They use foreign agencies to recruit expatriate and top-level management people. These types of recruiting decisions have been taken by their head office that is situated in Malaysia. (3) Executive recruiting: Executive recruiters are special employment agencies retained by employees to seek out top-management talent for their clients. In order to have qualified candidates who are employed and not actively looking to change jobs, executive recruitment is also used as a source of candidates in AKTEL. 4) College recruiting: As an important source of professional and technical employees, college recruiting is widely used by AKTEL. The organization recruit employees from job fair also. They have participated in several job fairs. Last tear they participated at N. S. U job fair organized by Department of Career Service (DCS). They recruit fresh graduate from university as well. Sometimes, they recruit fresh graduate after they have completed their internship in their organization. Analysis between GP and Aktel : GP and AKTEL both is telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh.

They have similarities and differences in personnel forecasting and recruiting process. Here through different tables illustrates the difference and similarities: |Personnel Forecasting: |GP |Aktel | |Trend analysis |Does |Does | |Ratio analysis |Does |Does | |Scatter plot |Does |Does | Fig: 3. 1 Forecasting the supply of internal candidates: |GP |Aktel | |Qualification Inventories |Does |Does | |Position replacement card: |no |Does | |personnel replacement chart |no |no | |HRIS |Does |Does | Fig: 3. 2 Finding Internal Candidates: |GP |Aktel | |Job Posting |Does |Does | |Rehiring former employees |no |no | |Succession planning |Does |no | Fig: 3. 3 |Outside sources of candidates: |GP |Aktel | |Advertising |no |Does | |Private Employment Agency |Does |Does | |Employee referrals |no |no | Recruiting via the Internet |Does | | |Executive recruiters |Does |Does | |College recruiting |Does |Does | | | Fig: 3. 4 • It’s been found that both the companies use the three personnel forecasting tools- trend analyses, ratio analysis and scatter plotting. AKTEL most of the time prefers to use scatter plotting, as it is more convenient for them to determine the number of employees for recruiting and selecting.

Gp’s use of these tools depends more on different factors to be considered rather then giving preference to one tool. But none of the companies is found to use software packages to determine future staff needs. In order to forecast the supply of internal candidates AKTEL uses all the four methods – • Qualification Inventories, Position replacement card, position replacement card, Human resource Information system. Where as GP keep records using Qualification Inventories methods and Human resource Information system. • AKTEL consider the general market and occupational market condition in Forecasting the supply of outside candidate on the other hand GP more emphasizes on the potential candidate market, for e. g.

For the customer manager position they target the best Universities to create a pool of potential candidates for recruitment. • In case of finding candidates within the companies both put job posting on their intranet for the current employees. Besides job posting Succession Planning is also followed by GP for higher level of positions. Rehiring is not preferable by either companies. External Source is one of the major sources of recruiting employee for any organization. GP and AKTEL have different types of external sources to use to find desired candidates. • Aktel do use media, newspaper and online job site but GP don’t. Executive recruiting and College recruiting are done by both the organizations for top level management.

Sometimes help of agencies are required in the companies. 100% recruiting Via Internet is only done by GP through their career jobsite. By compare and contrasting it’s been found that GrameenPhone personnel forecasting and recruiting process is better then AKTEL. They have maintained to be the biggest and the no1 telecommunication company and meet their yearly goals and customer satisfactions. As they have potential workforce to provide the best services. They use the tools or methods depending on the requirement. 100% recruiting Via Internet does an initial screening for them to get better candidate pool. Table : Relative position of mobile phone operators |Target Customer |Price & Tariff |Quality |Technology |Strategy | | |Corporate/SME/ |Competitive |High quality service |GSM |Increase coverage and market| | |Individual | |but limited coverage | |share | | |Corporate/ |Competitive |Good network with |GSM |To maintain the no. 1 | |[pic] |SME/ | |wider coverage | |position as a cell phone | | |Individual | | | |operator | Fig: 3. 5 [pic] 4. 1 Conclusions: Recruitment and Personnel Forecasting is always important for any company and it is also very important for Grameenphone and Aktel also.

During the report we were able to relate our classroom lectures with real life business very well, which helped us to understand the concepts of HR in depth. In conclusion we would like to mention that both companies recruitment procedure is of international standard and very much strategic objective oriented. According to our analysis Personnel Forecasting and Recruitment Process Grameenphone is better than Aktel that we have already mentioned in our analysis. The recruitment process of Grameenphone is basically based on their goal and strategic objective which is more emphasizing on customer retention. On the other hand the recruitment processes of Aktel more focusing on gaining in market position.

While researching on this term paper we have found many similarities and differences in the both companies process which we have mentioned through tables. We also fined out that Grameenphone is more using HRIS than Aktel does. In overall both company’s method are good but Grameenphone method is better than Aktel. 4. 2 Recommendations: Working on this report gave us the opportunity to have a look at the improvement area of both GP and Aktel. Here we have some recommendations for both the companies- 4. 2. 1 Grameenphone: # They can maintain a personnel replacement chart in order to recruit more efficient employees for a specific position quickly. # They can also use position replacement card to make their recruiting process more effective. They will get more benefit if they put their advertisements directly on print media that will lead them to pool more qualified candidates immediately. # GP does a lot of contractual employment and after the termination of contract they can rehire the formal employees for any other department. They can maintain a sheet where they will have the name of capable employees which can later on add values to their company. # GP is the one of leading company in Bangladesh and they have a huge bunch of qualified employees and they should go for employee referrals. Because that will save their time and as well as the existing employee already know the company very well so definitely they wont suggest anyone who will not fit the company. 4. 2. 2 Aktel: If they use personnel replacement chart in order to recruit more efficient employees for a specific position, they will get a quick result. # They should more focus on HRIS system to improve their HR system. # They should go for executive recruiters to find more qualified employees. 4. 3 References: 4. 3. 1 Books Dessler, Gary, (2005) Human Resource Management, Tenth edition, Prentice Hall India. Decenzo, David A. & Robbins, Stephen P. (2001) Human Resource Management, Seventh edition, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Dessler, Gary (2006) A Framework for Human Resource Management, Fifth edition, Prentice Hall. GP Annual Report 2007 Aktel Annual Report 2007 4. 3. Websites: www. grameenphone. com www. aktel. com [email protected]. com [email protected]. com www. telenor. com www. tmib. com 4. 5Appendix: AKTEL HR ORGAN GRAM Fig: 4. 1 Steps in the process of recruitment Grameenphone: |Heading |Start |Duration |End | |Requisition to public advertisement |0 |5 |5 | |Application Receive |6 |7 |12 | |Sorting, listing and serial 13 |3 |15 | |Shorting, listing and communication for interview |16 |2 |17 | |Test and interview |18 |4 |21 | |Weight age checking and storage |22 |2 |25 | |Medical, Reference check and selection |24 |2 |25 | |Orientation program |26 |3 |28 | |Placement |29 |1 |29 | Fig: 4. 2 The chart of recruiting and selection process of AKTEL: [pic] Fig: 4. 3 ———————– HR Division Administration (6 employee) Training & development ( Recruiting & selection (3 employee) HR Information Compensation & benefit Other Test Interview Written Test C. V Sorting Recruiting Final Selection