Grand Jury Duty – Term Paper

Grand Juries are a vital tool for prosecutors. Their operations and meetings are secret to protect their essential nature. They are highly protected from photographing while in court as a result that these consequences might have a case. They investigate cases where witnesses might have faced violence or intimidation. The grand jury is meant to examine issues without exposing the Proceedings o the investigation hence maintaining the purity of the process. 

They have great powers and can significantly impact the verdict given to a suspect. Critics are wrong to think that the jury is too secretive and that misuse is possible. The whole point of being so secretive is to limit the chances of abuse of the grand jury. Making their affairs open will make them open to manipulation, threatening and any other activities that might say their decisions which would make the whole process corrupt. The grand jury also handles some sensitive cases that involve dangerous people which make it important to protect both the grand jury members and the witnesses in the process. Reforms might make the system weaker and expose the grand jury processes to more people. It will increase the risk of leakage of information about the proceedings. 

For these reasons, I find no need or a reform of the grand jury. Over the years, they have performed their role efficiently and helped in promoting justice in most cases. The types of cases where the grand jury is involved require total secrecy so as to ensure the process runs smoothly. It also ensures that everything talked about is not leaked into the wrong hands and no one tries to come after a member of the grand jury to intimidate them. 

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