Term Paper on Ecology

Term Paper:

Ecology is the science which studies the relations of the living organisms with one another in the particular environment. The term ecology first appeared in the second half of the XIXth century when people started researching the live of organism and their connection with one another.

Unfortunately, today most people misunderstand the meaning of the term ecology confusing it with the environmental problems and people’s activities which influence the ecological situation of the world negatively. So, one should know that ecology is a discipline which studies all kinds of relations in nature in the process of their existence. A great number of scientists have investigated the interrelations of the organisms on particular areas and have created a set of ecological rules which can not be disputed. For example: “Everything in the world is connected”, “Nature knows better” “Energy is never lost” and “Nothing is given for free”.

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Every living organism exists in a certain ecosystem which is scrupulously and strictly structured: there are plants, small organisms, middle sized and big organisms. Evidently, the number of small organisms is always higher than the bigger ones, and this regularity enables the existence of the consumer chains and pyramids. For example, plants support themselves with microelements, water and energy of the sun, an insect eats a plant, a bird eats an insect and a cat eats a bird. Normally, the number of insects should be very high to feed birds and other bigger organisms and every violation of these norms is dangerous for the existence of the whole ecosystem (without a bird cat will not survive and without insects a bird will not survive, etc.).

The discipline of ecology is very complicated and large. A great number of sciences cooperate with ecology to research the important problems of the existence of organisms and a range of sub disciplines and branches of ecology appeared which investigate the peculiar moments in the study.

Students who are asked to prepare a college term paper will need to devote much time to the research of the aspects and key points of the discipline. The topic is very vast and one will have to limit the scope of research to cope with the paper successfully and to make a sensible paper. One should present the most important questions based on ecology, its principles, strong and weak sides and value the role of the discipline for the humanity.

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