Term Paper on Biodiversity

Term Paper:

Biodiversity is the diversity of life in all its variants. Biodiversity exists in the three essential levels: on the genetic level (the diversity of genes), on the level of species (the variety of species of the organisms – plants, bacteria, animals, etc.) and finally on the level of ecosystems. The key concepts of biodiversity have appeared in the 20th century due to the achievements in the researches in biology. Biodiversity is the perfect system created by the nature and definitely there are no species of the higher and lower importance, because every species of insects, birds, plants plays an important role for the life of the other species, because all the species are interconnected in the boarders of the single ecosystem. If something happens to a single specie of animals, the life of other species will be under the threat.

There were many examples of the disappearance of the whole ecosystems because of the extinction of several species (from the first sight) of lower importance. The question of biodiversity is closely connected with the evolution theory, because the nature is wise and only the strongest organisms survive and coexist in ecosystems adapting to the rapidly changing world. Because of the climatic changes biodiversity will probably reduce, as many animals simply will not survive in the extremely warm and hot environment and will become extinct. On the other hand, the increase of temperature of the water will probably provoke the sea species and microorganisms for the development.

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Biodiversity is a complicated system and a very important factor which makes the life on the planet possible, because all the species coexist with one another and control the population of one another. In order to complete a good biodiversity term paper a student should spend much time investigating the topic in detail. One should explain the meaning of biodiversity, focus on its main components, define the rules of the normal existence of the ecosystem as the main component of the high level of biodiversity. It will be wise to introduce several examples from the real life which prove that biodiversity is an important thing for the existence of all the species of animals and people. The conclusion of such a paper should be sensible and critical. One should prove the importance of the problem of biodiversity and make the paper thought-provoking.

The process of term paper writing is a difficult one, because students are often not aware of the rules and standards of the composition of the paper. A free example term paper on biodiversity in the web is probably the best way out of such a problem. Due to a well-analyzed high-quality free sample term paper on biodiversity written by the expert a student understands the rules of formatting and composition of the paper.