Evolution Term Paper

Paper on Evolution:

Evolution is the natural process of the gradual development of nature, followed by the change of the genetic code of populations, formation of adaptations, formation, change, development and extinction of species and transformation of ecosystems and biosphere in the whole.

Today there are several evolution theories which explain the mechanism which lie in the basis of the evolutional processes. Nowadays the most valid theory is the modern evolutionary synthesis, which the complex of the ideas which influenced evolution theory: Darwinism and population genetics. The modern evolutionary synthesis helps to explain the connection of the material of evolution (genetic mutations) with the mechanism of evolution (natural selection).

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Charles Darwin was the first scientist who introduced and explained the evolution theory with the help of the process of natural selection. The process is based on the three core factors known about populations of species. The first one is that there is more posterity born than can survive.

The second is that different organisms possess different qualities and traits which influence their way of life and the ways to survive and leave their own posterity. The third factor is that all these qualities are hereditary. These simple ideas explain that only the strongest organisms who possess the most appropriate qualities to live in the natural environment can survive in the world and the weaker organisms become extinct. Evolution theory has been the object of discussion for many years and although the theory has been proved there are still its opponents, which generally come from the religious organizations, which do not accept its principles.

The topic of evolution is one of the most important speaking about biology and the origin of life and existence in the whole. A student who is going to complete a good term paper on evolution should get acquainted with the evolution theory profoundly. One will have to read the articles on the theory and explain it to the reader. It is important to demonstrate the core principles of evolution theory to the reader, its methodology, history and the process of its development. One can also mention the attitude of various groups of people towards evolution theory and try to explain their opposition to it. Finally, a student should prove that the theory is important for science and the understanding of life on the planet.

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