Term Paper on Electricity

Term Paper:

Electricity is the combination of the phenomena which are based on the existence, cooperation and movement of the electric charge. The term was introduced in the beginning of the 17th century by the English scientist William Gilbert, when he described the method of work of the magnetic compass and certain experiments with the electric objects in his book. Naturally, people noticed the qualities of electricity hundreds of years BC but they could not explain these phenomena adequately. Only in the 18th and 19th centuries the famous scientists investigated the nature of electricity with the help of numerous experiments and managed to make it useful for the humanity. Electric charge is the ability of objects to create electromagnetic fields and interact with one another.

Electric charges are divided into positive and negative. When the positive and negative charges interact electromagnetic field appears which proves that the phenomena of electricity and magnetism have a common nature. Electricity is a natural phenomenon and can be observed on the brightest example of a lightning. Lightning has always frightened people, because it can cause serious damage and even kill somebody and the nature of this phenomenon was described in the 18th century. Some animals use electricity in order to survive and find food, for example, the electric eel shocks fish and other organisms to consume them or to defend itself.

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Electricity is an extremely important and convenient way of the transmission of energy nowadays and the humanity can not survive without it, because all the equipment and techniques and machines familiar to people work with the help of electricity.

The importance of the topic of electricity can not be overestimated, because electricity plays a very important role for modern people. Without electricity there would be total chaos and collapse of civilization. In order to complete a successful electricity term paper one will have to look through vast amounts of literary sources to increase knowledge and improve the chance to impress the professor. One will have to explain the nature of electricity, the historical background of the discovery of electricity, its importance for people and existence of life in the whole. Finally, one should summarize the term paper professionally to value the relevance of the topic and its importance.

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