Greek Mythology Term Paper

Mythology Term Paper:

Greek mythology is the part of the culture of the ancient Greece, which influenced the culture and the art of the whole world and introduced numerous religious texts about people, heroes and gods.

The Greek mythology finds its beginning in more than 2000 thousand years BC when the ancient civilization of Greeks appeared. It is obvious that the beginning of the culture was poor in myths but gradually with the development of religion, culture and art hundreds of texts appeared which still fascinate modern people with their content and sense. The ancient myths are the basis for the development of the Greek literature and culture, and every ancient poet included dozens of myths in his texts. The core characters of the Ancient Greek mythology were the gods, who lived in Olympus. The chief god was Zeus who played the role of the father of all gods. There are many myths which describe the life, origin and activity of gods and their functions for people. Such well-known poets as Homer introduced gods as the active characters into his Iliad and the Odyssey.

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Hesiod pays more attention to this problem and describes gods from all sides in Theogony. Bucolic poets including Theocritus used the mythical scenes and characters in his texts and connected them with the real life. The tragic playwrights, for example, Euripides also inserted into his tragedies the scenes form myths. Finally, the historians, like Herodotus who traveled about the country listened to the stories and legends of the people and noted numerous myths, which are well-known even today.

Greek mythology is extremely important for the cultural development of the world and it has become the example of classics and should be familiar to every well-educated person. In order to complete a good term paper on Greek mythology the student is supposed to read about the problem much and improve his knowledge on the basic moments of the topic. The student should pay attention to the origin of the myths, the influence of the myths on the culture of the country and the impact on the modern world. One is expected to enumerate and analyze the most popular ancient myths and evaluate the influence on the literature of the world.

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