Term Paper on the Bible

Bible Term Paper:

The Bible is the set of the canonical texts which are important for the Christians and Judaists. The Bible consists of two parts: the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament is a sacred text of Judaists as it is written in Hebrew, though several parts are written in Aramaic. The New Testament is written in Ancient Greek. The word ‘Bible’ is never mentioned in the sacred texts; the name appeared sooner when in the 4th century and simply meant ‘the book’.

The Bible is the sacred book for numerous branches of Christianity and not all of its texts are considered to be important for the particular branch. For example, Judaism relies only on the Old Testament, while Christianity is based mostly on the New Testament. The Roman Catholics and Orthodoxies accept a bit different parts of the Bible, though both branches belong to Christianity.

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The history of the Bible is very old. It was written by numerous authors for a few centuries from the 15th BC to the 1st century AD. The Old Testament is written in biblical Hebrew and presents the events which took place before the birth of Jesus Christ. The Hebrews managed to save the original text of the Old Testament and understand its meaning without any alterations, while the New Testament was written in Ancient Greek and it was a problem to catch the meaning of the text, as this language is dead. The New Testament describes the life and activity of Jesus Christ, because he is a core figure of the texts and the Acts of Apostles, who presented the figure of Christ for the world.

The Bible is one of the oldest texts written in the human civilization and it is embraced with secrets and controversial facts. Nevertheless, it is supposed to be a sacred text for billions of people and it is important to know about the book everything. A successful the Bible Term paper is expected to be informative and interesting and analyze the history of creation and themes of the texts in detail. One should look through the structure of the book, mention about the key events, characters and ideas in the book and read critics and explanations of the text by the experts in order to be able to organize the information logically.

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